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RSS Matters

Link to the last RSS article here: SPSS: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Ed.

New Developments With R - version 2.6.2

By Dr Rich Herrington, ACS Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant

R version 2.6.2 was released on February 8th, 2008. A description of changes for Microsoft Windows platform versions can be found here. The latest versions of the base R installation for the Win32 platform can be found here. RSS is hosting a local copy of a specially configured R 2.6.2 installation file for the Win32 platform platform here. The original location for the "RAndFriendsSetup2062V20beta13.exe" installation file can be  found here.  

Thomas Baier and Erich Neuwirth are the authors of the R-(D)COM project which integrate R and Excel functionality on the Windows Platform. This preconfigured R installation  installs:  

i)  the R-(D)COM server

ii)  the R Commander GUI interface

iii) the Tinn-R Script Editor and IDE, and several other indispensible libraries as well.  

A draft copy of an introductory textbook that illustrates the uses of Excel and R in teaching introductory statistics can also be found on R-(D)COM download area website. A "Task Views" overview of the packages that can be downloaded and installed into the R environment can be found on the CRAN website. A few of my favorites include:  "relaimpo" (relative importance in regression models);  "bootStepAIC" (bootstrapping AIC model selection for stepwise procedures);  "mitools"  (missing value imputation tools);  "animation" (animation tools in R for demonstrating statistical concepts); "bayesm" (bayesian modeling in marketing and micro-economics).  In the coming months, we'll be exploring some of the new developments that have occurred with the R project.  Until then, enjoy your Spring Break!  


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