Issues and Answers Concerning Microsoft Campus and MOLP

I.    Areas of interoperability between MOLP and Campus.
        A.  Connection Licenses for BackOffice (Core) and SQL deferred for one year.
        B.  OS use at home on personal machines will be deferred for one year.

II.    MOLP Issues
        A.  Need 5 orders to start new agreement.  Library now has that ready.
        B.  Can run one release behind.
        C.  Difference between Connection Licenses and per CPU purchases.
        D.  Are we going to go with maintenance on servers?
            1. Pros:
                a.  Upgrades are covered for life of the contract 
                b.  2/3 price for full product
            2. Cons:  
                a.  More money up front
                b.  More bookkeeping
            3.  Upgrade Advantage versus Software Assurance
                a.  If you are current on your license and want maintenance, get SA.
                b.  If you are behind on your license and want maintenance, get UA.
                c.  Both will put you on maintenance for 2 years, the life of the contract
                d.  There are no product upgrades.  Either get one of these or purchase new again.
                e.  SA must be purchased at the time of license purchase or at the beginning of the contract
                     cycle for retrofits.

III.    Campus Issues
        A. Cost between $53 and $57 per seat for existing customers
        B. Include products:
            1.  Desktop OS upgrades.
            2.  Office standard or pro
            3.  CALS
            4.  FrontPage
            5.  Visual Studio
            6.  Work at Home (WAH).
        C.  Publisher should not be included but we might get it anyway.
        D.  Visio, Project, Encarta, and training CDs not included.
                1.  Any college can create a sub-license if there are a total of 300 orders, either single or combined.
                2.  The sub-license is dependent on the Campus as far as expiration.
        E.  SQL Connection Licenses not part of Core but will be covered the first year.
        F.  Can run one release behind.
        G.  We will not try to license students unless there is some overwhelming demand.