UNT – Microsoft Campus Agreement

Rights and Responsibilities

For Employee Home Use


Welcome to the UNT-Microsoft Campus Agreement Employee Home Use Program. The University of North Texas has entered into an agreement with Microsoft that allows UNT employees to take certain Microsoft software home, install it on their home or portable computer, and use it as long as you work for UNT and we continue the Campus Agreement. There are certain contractual obligations between the University and Microsoft that you must agree to before you may make use of this software:

  1. This is a lease program – Consequently, you DO NOT own the software. The software is owned by Microsoft and must be removed from your computer and the media destroyed when the agreement is terminated or the University no longer employs you. Our current agreement expires in late August, 2000. It may be renewed at that time. If it is not or you leave the University’s employ, you’ll have to remove the software from your computer, destroy the media, and certify to the Computing Center that you have done both. This is an item on Human Resources’ exit interview that must be attested to.
  2. You are not buying the media – Rather you are paying transfer and processing fees that are necessary to allow you to put the code on your computer and allow us to track the software for Microsoft. When you obtain products, your selections will be entered into a database and tracked until you certify you have removed them from your computer and destroyed the media.
  3. The specific terms of the Campus Agreement regarding the home use of the software reads: "Faculty and staff also have the right to run one copy of the Software, for school related activities, on either a laptop or desktop that they own or lease." You may therefore obtain only one copy of each product, for your own use to conduct University-related activities.
  4. Fees involved – You may obtain any of the software in the program that you desire. The current fee for each CD is $7.00. Some products are on more than one CD. The products and the number of CDs required for each product in the program are:
  1. Restrictions –
  1. User Support – Neither the Computing Center nor Microsoft will provide you with installation or technical support for any of these products installed on your home computer.
  2. Software Updates – Microsoft will update software under the Agreement periodically. As long as the agreement is in effect and you are an employee of the University, you may obtain those updates in the same manner as you obtained this software for the then current transaction and processing fees per CD.

Your Agreement

I have read all the items above and understand what I may and may not do with this software under the terms of the Agreement between the University of North Texas and Microsoft. I agree to abide by these directions.


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