Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2000

Members present: Craig Berry, Sandy Burke, Allen Bradley, Wil Clark, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Maurice Leatherbury, Bruce Pollock, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright, Roy Zumwalt

Members absent: Rich Anderson, Troy Bacon, Ginger Boone, Bill Buntain, Tim Christian, Jim Curry, Eric DuChemin, Cyndie Harris, Mike Hatch, Pam Hight, Paul Hons, Abraham John, Kirk Kelly, Brenda Kirk, Mike Maner, Gary Mathews, Ramu Muthiah, Dallas Newell

Guests: Jim Byford, Brendan Carroll, Daren Dugan, Richard Harris, Lee Haughton, Jennifer Johnson, Jason Myre, Shannon Peevey, James Strawn (representing Tim Christian), Craig Terrell, Mike Williams

The minutes of the June 2, 2000 meeting were approved as written.

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported for the Student Computing Committee that she will be making a presentation on computing to Freshman Orientation sessions.

Maurice Leatherbury discussed computer support position job descriptions. He received a request from Nelda Evarts to revise the work descriptions to maintain technologically current language and include accurate examples of types of work being done by these positions on campus. This way, if a potential job applicant sees one of our support positions posted on the web, they will more readily know whether they are qualified to apply. There were comments from several attendees and it was decided that the current descriptions were not obsolete. Web publishing will be added as an example of work that might be done by a CSS I, II, III or IV.

Craig Terrell said he will start accepting applications for domains for the Windows 2000 tree structure. He will send out an e-mail today. Maurice asked of anyone would be installing Windows 2000 and two of the colleges said that they would most likely be upgrading in the fall or spring.

Maurice Leatherbury asked where we stand on the use of multimedia production workstations purchased with TIF grant funds. There is a steep learning curve on these and if we canít use them effectively in the colleges, we need to turn them over to the people who can use them. Maurice also said there have been problems with the streaming video hardware. The Sun machine has been up and running for two weeks now, but is not ready to run in production mode. Contact Mark if you have anyone who wants to use streaming video. A new position in Academic Computing will support the streaming video server.

Mike Wright reported there is only 2 gig of memory left on CC2. Another hard drive was ordered, but it was placed on backorder. He also said Kevin Mullet set up a bastion server before he left. This is a Linux box running SSH that will allow you to come in via the web from anywhere in the world. Let Mike know if you need this. The Adobe site license expires in November. Mike has a worksheet, Adobe_Est_1100, at CC2/Software:\Reports\Adobe to estimate Adobe installation maintenance prices for the new contract. Put in the products you need and it will do a tally for you. Maintenance costs need to be paid up front for all Adobe software for a period of two years. Give your IDOs to Mike before October 1, 2000. Call him if you have any questions. If you have IDOs for MS Campus Agreement, send them to Jennifer Johnson in the Computing Center, not to Mike. The account number is 68481.

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported the ACS lab server is up and running fine. You can e-mail her to double check the stat user group. She will check to see if you are in the group.

Maurice Leatherbury mentioned there may be a winter mini-mester between the Fall and Spring semesters this year.

Craig Terrell discussed the directory tree. There is a short class for Students in the Tree for network managers. It will be in production in the fall. Chris Strauss asked if UIDs were in NDS. The answer was half of the departments are done with that. There will be authentication against the LDAP server in the fall.

Daren Dugan said there are new patches for NetWare 5.0.

Jason Myre discussed e-mail and web access by PCS phone. There has been an overwhelming response to the e-mail he sent out about it. There are already four or five people using it.

Maurice said the purchase order to McAfee for virus protection software had gone to Purchasing, but he doesnít know the status.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

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