Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2000

Members present: Troy Bacon, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Pam Hight, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Paul Hons, Kirk Kelly, Maurice Leatherbury, Mike Maner, Gary Mathews, Bruce Pollock, Chris Strauss, Roy Zumwalt

Members absent: Rich Anderson, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone, Eric DuChemin, Cyndie Harris, Mike Hatch, Abraham John, Brenda Kirk, Ramu Muthia, Dallas Newell, Mike Wright

Guests: Daren Dugan, Joshua Ishii, Jason Myre, Andrew McGregor, Charlotte Russell, Chris Stoermer, Mike Williams, David Wood

Corrections were made to the minutes of the July 21, 2000 meeting.

Subcommittee Reports

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported that the Student Computing Committee reviewed the goals for the Students in the Tree project and decided that test dates should be set.   The committee is also reviewing the issue of centralized storage and login requirements.

Tim Christian reported for the Mobile Personal Digital Assistant Working Group study on mobile data communication devices.  The group recommends the Palm OS as the preferred operating system for portable devices that enable typical end-users to process calendar, task, contact information (directory), notes, and email information remotely.  Tim distributed a handout that included scores and rankings for all products that were studied and purchasing considerations (departments should consider whether or not it is appropriate for the University to purchase PDAs).  Some committee members are working to provide UNT computing support staff with information on "how to" install the software (for several devices) and integrate it with Novell's GroupWise product.

Old Business

Jim Curry requested that discussions regarding the inclusion of operating system software on surplussed/transferred computers be addressed.  The original agreement to sell/transfer computers with operating system software installed was re-affirmed.   The cost of the license should be included.  Micromaintenace is no longer in the "police-ing" business.

Bill Buntain reported that efforts to increase the university's bandwidth (including extending UNT's backbone to Dallas/Richardson) are still underway.  UNT will add an OC-3C that will allow a switch to be co-located at an AHE location in Richardson. UNT Denton, the UNT Health Science Center, the UNT System Center at Dallas, and the Universities Center at Dallas will be included in the upgrade.  Discussions with GTE and AHE are still underway.  Appletalk will not be routed in this upgrade.

Bill also reported on Edge Communications devices that will be supported in the current campuswide communications infrastructure upgrade project.  In order to make 10/100 autonegotiation standard across campus, Network and Communications Services is encouraging distributed areas to trade installed switches and hubs for Cisco devices. A handout giving more detail on the subject was distributed (including a list some available autosensing 10/100 managed and manageable Cisco gear).  Network and Communications Services is implementing a resale program for listed Cisco gear and a loan program for Cisco equipment.

New Business

Charlotte Russell reported that DIR introduced a new standard requiring state agencies to report information security incidents (breaches) on a monthly basis.  DCSMT members were given handouts explaining why reporting is required (to protect e-government), definitions/examples of incidents, and copies of the Monthly Incident Reporting Form.  DCSMT members were asked to submit information for their areas by the 1st or 2nd working day of the month.  Serious incidents requiring immediate assistance should be reported right-away.  

Maurice reported that state agencies (including UNT) are required to complete a software license audit for all software products used on desktop computers, laptop computers, and any server-based applications that are licensed by the number of workstations where there were license expenditures in FY2000 or maintenance costs incurred in FY2000.  The audit report should include the following for all software licenses that are not used or needed by the agency: product name (item), quantity, cost, FY2001 estimated quantity and cost, actions taken for each item listed and the cost savings resulting from those actions.  Licenses for an unlimited number of users (licenses that do not require payment of fees for those not being used) are excluded (ex.: Microsoft Campus Agreement Software).   Licenses that are not being used will be re-distributed to other agencies. DCSMT members should submit reports for their areas by August 18, 2000.

Maurice reported that administrative systems may be replaced in the near future.   Administrative system users have been requesting an accelerated schedule of enhancements to the current administrative systems, primarily to "Web-enable" applications and provide flexible term and course lengths for minimesters and distributed learning.  Datatel, SCT, Oracle, and Peoplesoft vendor systems (UNIX based) are currently being investiaged.  A decision will be made to purchase a new system by November.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

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