Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2000

Members present: Rich Anderson, Craig Berry, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Tim Christian,  Mike Hatch, Pam Hight, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Paul Hons, Kirk Kelly, Maurice Leatherbury, Mike Maner, Gary Mathews, Bruce Pollock, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright, Roy Zumwalt

Members absent: Troy Bacon, Ginger Boone, Sandy Burke, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Eric DuChemin, Cyndie Harris,  Abraham John, Brenda Kirk, Ramu Muthia, Dallas Newell

Guests: Jim Byford, Brendan Carroll, CR Chevli, Blair Copeland, Joseph Cranmore, Daren Dugan, Pat Evans, Jason Myre, Charlotte Russell, Chris Stoermer, Craig Terrell, Mike Williams, Jon Walker, David Wood

The minutes of the August 4, 2000 meeting were approved as written.

Subcommittee Reports

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported that the Student Computing Committee is testing the MetaStor unit (as part of the Students in the Tree project) with the assistance of UNIX and NDS team members.  Current plans are to have everything in place by Spring 2001.   Paul Hons with the assistance of Craig Terrell hosted a session on setting up lab machines in relation to the project and reported that the College of Education plans to implement the Students in the Tree project this fall.

Tim Christian (and the Mobile Data Communications Devices subcommittee) provided web page addresses that give step-by-step instructions on how to integrate PDA's (PocketPC and Palm OS) with Novell's GroupWise product:


Send e-mail to Tim if there are any questions.

Old Business

Bill Buntain reported on budget issues related to purchasing edge communications devices.  There is a less expensive switch now available (8 port, 10/100) which will reduce the share to be paid by Computing Center and DCSMT areas.  Bill asked that DCSMT members report the number of hubs and switches needed for each area, and asked if there has been an increase in the number of jacks made live as well as how many jacks should be replaced.  At this time, computer labs should not be included.

Bill reported that the goal of this project (in relation to using CISCO gear and equipment as opposed to other types) is to leverage manpower resources in order to leverage debugging and support.  At the request of DCSMT members and as time becomes available, it may be possible for Data Communications to consider other devices.

Bill reported that because of a lack of an interoperability agreement with Southwestern Bell, GTE was unable to give an OC3 that was to be routed from Denton.  A DS3 has been ordered and a second DS3 will be ordered later.

CR Chevli and other Data Communications staff reported that 3500 series switches should be contained in telecom/datacom closets in order to assist in managing, maintaining and supporting the devices.  Security considerations were involved in the decision.   DCSMT members discussed the implications of this decision.

Maurice reported that figures citing the number of copies of McAfee anti-virus software purchased this year are needed from DCSMT areas.  These figures will be reported in the agency software license audit.

New Business


The meeting adjourned at 12:05 P.M.

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