Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2000

Members present: Rich Anderson, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley,  Sandy Burke, Tim Christian,  Mike Hatch, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Kirk Kelly, Brenda Kirk, Maurice Leatherbury, Gary Mathews, Bruce Pollock, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright, Roy Zumwalt

Members absent: Troy Bacon, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Eric DuChemin, Cyndie Harris,  Pamiela Hight, Paul Hons, Abraham John,  Mike Maner, Ramu Muthia, Dallas Newell

Guests: Daren Dugan, Richard Harris, Jason Myre, Charlotte Russell, Craig Terrell, David Wright

The minutes of the August 18, 2000 meeting were approved as written.

Subcommittee Reports

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported that the Student Computing Committee had not met.

Tim Christian (for the Mobile Data Communications Devices subcommittee) reported that all work and findings related to PDA research will be taken to the IRC by Maurice Leatherbury. 

Old Business

Maurice Leatherbury reported that the current Microsoft Campus Agreement (contract) has been extended.  A new contract is not yet in place.  Although a final decision hasn't been made, the Computing Center will probably pick up all purchasing costs for the university in the FY2000-01 fiscal year.

Maurice reported that the Computing Center will subscribe to Techies.com, an internet based company providing information about positions in the technology field for IT professionals and IT companies.  Other computing areas on campus will also be able to use the service.  All postings will be managed by Human Resources.

Charlotte Russell reported that the security incident reports for the month of August were due on September 5, 2000. 

Craig Terrell reported that the College of Education is implementing the Students in the Tree project.  No problems have been reported.

New Business

Charlotte also reported that DIR will be performing Statewide Information Technology Security Assessment.  DIR contracted with Sprint ENS to perform the assessment.   Information Resource Managers from all state agencies and universities are required to complete and/or designate completion of an electronic IT survey designed to identify the maturity level of IT systems.  Based on the results of the survey, it's possible that DIR/Sprint will perform a penetration and configuration review.  Designees from the Computing Center and other areas on campus have been asked to complete IT surveys.

Tim Christian reported that staffing levels are at 100% and that new initiatives are being undertaken by the College of Arts and Sciences.  Some of those intitiatives include: the purchase and installation of several servers, migrating Novell servers to Netware 5.1,  possibly using Novell Distributed Print Servers (NDPS), moving to clustering technologies, developing a Win2000 rollout, and testing new hardware (Pentium III, 600 mhz).  

Allen Bradley reported that work on an Internet Caching Servers project has begun.   Campus Wide Networks will be working with Data Communications to develop a means to cache outside traffic and commonly hit web pages in RAM.  Allen is investigating the use of NetMedic.

Jason Myre reported that as a reaction to the ILOVEYOU virus assault that recently occured on campus, a project for Anti-virus Testing of SMTP Mail has begun.   Computing Center post offices will be tested first, and eventually other post offices will be tested. Logs of the virus details will be automatically recorded.   This project will add an additional level of protection against viruses.

Mike Hatch reported occurances of "electronic weirdness" in some COBA workstations.  Investigations are underway to determine why specific events happened.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

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