Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2000

Members present: Rich Anderson, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone,   Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Mike Hatch, Pamiela Hight, Paul Hons, Brenda Kirk, Maurice Leatherbury, Mike Maner, Gary Mathews, Bruce Pollock, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright

Members absent: Troy Bacon, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Eric DuChemin, Cyndie Harris,  Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner,  Abraham John,  Kirk Kelly,  Ramu Muthia, Dallas Newell, Roy Zumwalt

Guests: John Berra, Attila Hakimoglu, Richard Harris, Lee Haughton, Charlotte Russell, Jon Walker

The minutes of the September 1, 2000 were approved with changes.

Subcommittee Reports
Maurice Leatherbury reported for Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner that the Student Computing Committee had not met.

Tim Christian (for the Mobile Data Communications Devices subcommittee) reported that all work and findings related to PDA research will be presented at the next IRC meeting (September 19, 2000).   Subsequently, the Mobile Data Communications Devices subcommittee will be disbanded.

Microsoft Campus Agreement
Maurice reported that a few problems with the Microsoft Campus Agreement still exist (purchase order and the contractual requirements between the UNT Purchasing Office and Microsoft) however they should be worked out soon.

Old Business

New Business
Mike Wright reported that Adobe changed their contract structure to a points system (for purchases and maintenance).  The cutover to the new system is scheduled to take place on September 24.  Mike will inform DCSMT as more information becomes available.

Maurice reported that a new round of TIF grants will begin in January.  $35 million will be distributed inclusive of junior colleges.  Discussions to allow relaxing of some of the TIF rules may also take place.

Mike Hatch reported that some of the "electronic weirdness" is gone.   Some problems were due to improperly installed clients or bad clients.  Most of the major problems have been resolved.

Jon Walker reported that movement to Netware 5 will take place soon.  He will send e-mail to each area listing dates and times for the transition.  He also noted that Netware 4.11 may not transition easily to Netware 5.  Contact Jon if any problems are encountered.

Mike Maner introduced Attila Hakimoglu, a new member of the Data Communications staff.

Richard Harris reported that several computing services may be moving to FLOW Hospital   An offer to buy the hospital has been made.  The goal of the move would be to move centralized computing organizations into one location and away from the center of campus.   If approved, the expected move date is scheduled for January, 2004.

Richard also reported that the search for a new, integrated administrative system is underway.  SCT, Oracle, DataTel, and PeopleSoft are some of the vendors that have made presentations. There is a 50%-80% possibility that the new administrative system will be UNIX based.  The costs of the new system are expected to be near $8 million and the change over to the new system is expected to take approximately two years to implement.

Tim Christian reported several changes/new events occuring in College of Arts and Sciences including: the migration of the last UNIX server to Compaq; other migrations are pending the move to Netware 5;  file ownership changes for P-Mail have occured (use of pmail.com instead of pegasus.usa.com is necessary); and the rollout of new pcs and macs has begun.

Jim Curry reported for Microcomputer Maintenance that minimum hardware disk space is currently 20 gig but that should be increasing to 30 gig shortly.  Any order submitted for 10 gig will be substituted with 20 gig at no extra charge.   Microcomputer Maintenance reported 1123 orders for the month of August.

Bruce Pollock reported that he is working with the NDS team to resolve problems with an ABN cache buffer.

Sandy Burke reported that there have been problems with new faculty and staff who are using internet services.  Sandy also reported that Helpdesk voicemail for after hours emergencies will not change, however, DCSMT members should note that they can dial 03 at anytime during the message for immediate assistance.  Sandy will also send this information to netman.

Pam Hight introduced John Berra, new Libraries staff member.  Pam also reported that the library is fully staffed, there is a new air conditioning unit (Liebert) for the server room, and that she will be looking into LAN based security systems.

Paul Hons reported that he had experienced problems with a Mammoth Exabyte 220 back-up tape unit.  The problems were related to bad tapes, however, the use of cleaning tapes has made an improved difference.

Chris Strauss reported that the Remedy system now has a new field for sensitive data.   The new field was added because some Remedy tickets were being submitted with social security numbers in public view fields.  Chris also reported that ARWeb 4 software has been installed. 

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M.

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