Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

 Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2003

Troy Bacon (AVP Finance and Business Affairs and Controller), Craig Berry (School of Visual Arts), Ginger Boone (University Union), Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (School of Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Jim Curry (Microcomputer Maintenance/Classroom Support Services), Cyndie Harris (UNT Facilities), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Pamiela Hight (UNT Libraries), Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (Student Computing Committee, Computing and IT Center),  Paul Hons (College of Education), Abraham John (VP Student Development), Kirk Kelly (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Ramu Muthiah (School of Community Service), Dallas Newell (Registrar's Office), Bruce Pollock (ABN LAN Mgmt), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Mike Wright (Computing and IT Center), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Members Present
Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center),  Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (School of Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Jim Curry (Microcomputer Maintenance/Classroom Support Services), Cyndie Harris (UNT Facilities), Kirk Kelly (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center)

Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Philip Baczewski (Computing and IT Center), Travis Brown (Computing and IT Center), Christopher D. Cofer (Computing and IT Center), Patrick Dolan (Computing and IT Center), Dan Glass (Computing and IT Center), Jason Gutierrez (Computing and IT Center), Attila Hakimoglu (Computing and IT Center), Lance Harris (Computing and IT Center),  Richard Harris (Computing and IT Center), Lee Haughton (UNT Facilities), Judy Hunter for Pam Hight (GALMAC, Libraries), Jason Myre (Computing and IT Center), Charlotte Russell (Computing and IT Center), Mike Sanders (UNT System Center at Dallas), Chris Stoermer for Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Yoke Teo (Computing and IT Center), Mike Williams (Computing and IT Center), Scott Windham (Computing and IT Center), David Wright (College of Education)

Minutes from May 2, 2003 were approved as written.

Desktop Backup Solutions
Yoke Teo reported that he is testing the Connected product. Maurice Leatherbury is also evaluating the product. A few of the features include a Microsoft look and feel, point and click, options to do complete restorations, backup options for an entire drive, and booting from CD.  The evaluation period goes for one more week.  Contact Yoke if you are interested. 

Maurice reported that the product is fast, does compression, keeps versions of files, and prompts for permission to perform a backup at shutdown.  The product gives ten seconds to respond to the prompt to backup the system- if there is no response within that time period a backup will take place on the next system boot.  Maurice also mentioned that he encountered problems while attempting to archive GroupWise files.  

Allen Bradley reported that preliminary pricing is now down to $3 per month.  He and Maurice will be meeting with the vice president of the company (the reseller) to discuss lowering the estimate. The current estimate is approximately $78,000 for the first year and $13,000 in subsequent years.

Chris Cofer reported that he has Legato Networker pricing for three different server client levels which include desktop backups, "iroam" roaming, and healing capabilities.  Pricing for the enterprise client is $98,000 for 1000 licenses. Features for this license include remote assist, audit and "iroam". 

Chris also mentioned that UNIX Services currently has an in-house backup method which can be used to backup windows machines on campus.

HP/Compaq Server Purchasing Plan
Allen Bradley reported that he and Maurice met with Candy Blagg and Sandy Shelton of Purchasing and Payment services to discuss initiation of a program that would allow UNT to purchase Compaq and HP servers without having to send requests out on bid.  A web page will be set up for network areas to allow on-line purchasing, and, hardware information will also be made available to network managers.  Until the page is set-up, Network Computing Services will call the Compaq representative, Randy Michael, directly to place orders.  Allen will notify the netman list when more details are available.

Old Business

New Business

Status Reports
Wil Clark reported that he is upgrading servers and that he has encountered several lab issues.

Jim Curry reported that he dealt with an intensive technical problem related to ghosting this week.  The issue was resolved with the assistance of Data Communications.  Jim thanked Data Communications for their assistance.

Chris Straus reported that he received e-mail from the Directory Services group announcing that the LDAP implementation has been pushed back to July 6, 2003.  Remedy will be upgraded sometime after July 7.

Cindy Harris reported that she has taken over building and room querying, which will become part of the PeopleSoft implementation.  Call Cindy if you need floor plans.  Cindy also reported that she is working with a wireless LAN for barcoding inventory and capital equipment.

Jason Myre reported that he is splitting GroupWise post offices for several areas and will be moving them to different servers.

Joe Adamo reported that a copy of the Wireless Design document was e-mailed to the netman list.  Send comments about the document to Joe and he will make updates accordingly.  Joe also reported that test gear is being set-up to determine where to place access points.  Send feedback to Joe.

Mike Maner reported that two events affected the network last night: 1) a fiber media converter stopped working and caused the administration building to be dropped off 2) one of two DS3's to Richardson was lost but the second DS3 was operational and should be able to sufficiently support traffic through today.  Verizon was not aware that there was a problem.  

Mike also reported that Data Communications is trying to determine budgetary implications of purchasing network management tools for monitoring.  Current tools include CA Unicenter, NetSaint and Cisco.  Each product has different functions.  A team will be developed to discuss management needs of the network managers.  Attila Hakimoglu will be the project leader.

Scott Windham reported that he is evaluating video management software, and also reported that he and Wil Clark set up an emergency conference for Helen Giddings.

Jason Gutierrez reported that the new Network Computing Services website has been rolled out.  The next plan of action will be to change server names to reflect the new "Network Computing Services" name change.

Chris Stoermer reported that things are good in COBA.

Kirk Kelley reported that things are good in Housing.

Mike Williams reported that Yoke works with the NDS side of Novell and will be taking over ZenWorks.  Mike will be working with Yoke.

Richard Harris reported that he received a question from Richard Rafes asking if turning off workstations will save electricity.  Tim announced that he is running power management software to shut down machines if needed.  Other network areas are also using power management tools.   According to Dr. Rafes, temperatures will be raised in buildings in an effort to reduce utility costs, and a request to allow faculty and staff to adopt a casual dress code will be e-mailed to the campus by Dr. Rafes. If there are no objections, turning off workstations will also be included in the e-mail.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

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