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June 4, 2004

Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Troy Bacon (AVP Finance and Business Affairs and Controller), Craig Berry (School of Visual Arts), Ginger Boone (University Union), Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (School of Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Jim Curry (Microcomputer Maintenance/Classroom Support Services), Cyndie Harris (UNT Facilities), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Pamiela Hight (UNT Libraries), Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (Student Computing Committee, Computing and IT Center),  Paul Hons (College of Education), Abraham John (VP Student Development), Scott Joyce (Universities Center at Dallas), Kirk Kelly (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Dallas Newell (Registrar's Office), Bruce Pollock (ABN LAN Mgmt), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Brad Varcoe (Police Department), Mike Wright (Computing and IT Center), Yancey Yeargan (College of Engineering), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Members Present
Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center),  Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences),  Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Pamiela Hight (UNT Libraries), Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (Student Computing Committee, Computing and IT Center), Paul Hons (College of Education),  Kirk Kelly (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing),  Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Brad Varcoe (Police Department)

Richard Anderson (Computing and IT Center), Philip Baczewski (Computing and IT Center), Jim Byford (ABN LAN Mgmt),  Dan Glass (Computing and IT Center), Jason Gutierrez (Computing and IT Center), Tracy Hansen (Computing and IT Center), Krysta Kaye (UNT Libraries),  Matt Kernan (Computing and IT Center), Frank Lugo (Computing and IT Center),  Jason Myre (Computing and IT Center), Charlotte Russell (Computing and IT Center), Dennis Scroggins (Computing and IT Center), Craig Terrell (Computing and IT Center), Glenn Thorpe (Computing and IT Center), Scott Windham (Computing and IT Center)

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from May 21, 2004  were approved with corrections.

Novell Instant Messenger
Jason Gutierrez reported on a newly available product- Novell Instant Messenger.  Communications are encrypted with SSL and eDir is used for authentication.  In addition, there is basic GroupWise plug-in support for the Gaim instant messaging client (installed by default).   Jason provided a handout describing the rollout (software and server location).  Use of Novell Instant Messenger will included in GroupWise training classes. 

Maurice Leatherbury appointed a subcommittee to study the implications of a rollout of Instant Messenging (i.e. security concerns, use in computer labs, etc.).  Members of the subcommittee include Jason Gutierrez, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Jason Myre, Charlotte Russell, Rich Anderson, Tim Christian and Dan Glass. 

GroupWise Access to Employee’s E-mail by supervisors
Maurice reported on a new issue: supervisors who read employee's e-mail.  Recently, a supervisor was found to be reading an employee's e-mail.  Questions arose regarding privacy expectations and whether or not reading employee e-mail could be considered a form of harassment. The university policy is clear- there is no expectation of privacy on a university owned computing resources.   

Under normal circumstances, access to e-mail by individuals other than the user of an account is not granted by GroupWise Administrators in CITC.  Only requests from the General Counsel’s office are normally honored.  In CAS, requests are made more frequently with the supervisor's permission,  particularly as a result of terminations or extended absences.  UNT Libraries alerts supervisors that they have 30 days to review a terminating employee's e-mail and home directory before the information is deleted.

DCSMT agreed that users should be made aware that there is no expectation of privacy when using a university computing resource.  The use of banner statements will provide a mechanism for increasing awareness.  Maurice will review a draft of a banner statement developed by Information security and will present the statement to DCSMT.  Tim will share a technique for posting a banner statement.

Old Business
Mike Hatch asked about the status of a previous request for mainframe data feeds.  Maurice reported that the information was submitted to the administrative programming group.  Maurice will follow-up.

New Business

Status Reports
Maurice reported that LEARN met in Houston to discuss the executive director position.  The group unanimously agreed on a candidate.  

A press release issued by the National Light Rail stated that Texas is listed as one of the new members of the National Lambda Rail project. Several other members also joined: Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico. $80 million is pledged to National Light Rail for the next five years. UNT is an institutional member. There is hope that other institutions will also join to help establish a stronger presence.  Four 10gb connections will come up soon.  One will be devoted to the production lambda network while the three remaining connections will be devoted to research.  Internet 2 was originally intended to provide this service but it has become a commodity network.  

Tim Christian reported that GroupWise post office 7 became corrupted and has no record of information on June 2.  Users have been notified that changes that took place on this date were not effective. Maurice requested that a message be sent to everyone.

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported that Skillsoft and Knowledgenet are up and running.  Skillport has been documented in Benchmarks.  Knowledgenet will also be documented soon. 

The ID card office will be issuing cards with EMPL ID encoded on the magnetic strips.  Check-in can now handle current UNT IDs and EMPL IDs.

All disks for SAS 9 are in and will be made available on GAUSS.

Pam Hight reported that the Science Technology Library will be unavailable on June 27 due to the scheduled power outage.  A notice has been placed on library web site.

Mike Hatch reported that labs in Curry Hall will be open during the scheduled power outage.  

Kirk Kelly reported that Housing will be down from 10 to noon tomorrow due to the transformer replacement.  Services are expected to resume around noon if all goes as planned. 

Gary Mathews reported that he is planning for the power outage scheduled for June 27, 2004.

Dan Glass reported that he now has SUSE codes.  SUSE 8 Enterprise and ISOs are available.

Eaglemail is no longer an SMTP host.  Users must now use IMAP clients (like Outlook and Mozilla). 

Rich Anderson reported that he completed security scans earlier this week.  A report should be available for the next DCSMT meeting. After reviewing initial data, it appears that UNT is in good overall shape from a security standpoint.

Charlotte Russell reported that the state auditors completed scans of the network.  Any high or medium risks will be reported.

Jason Myre reported that the power outage will affect GroupWise.  He is investigating the feasibility of increasing UPS support to 40-45 minutes.  If support is unavailable for 45 minutes, GroupWise servers will have to be shut down when the power is terminated.  After the generators are functioning, they will be brought back up.

Craig Terrell reported that he is waiting for hardware for the UNT active directory forest (round two).  A server is presently up and running.  He will work with Blair to resolve a few DNS issues.  Active Directory seems to be functioning well.  By mid-July Craig will ask for volunteers to test the system.  

Travis Brown reported that he has been fighting with spam the last few days.  Spammers are getting better.  Half of 10,000 e-mails submitted yesterday were spam but no more than 100 spam came from a specific IP address.  Attacks appear to be distributed.  Software should be optimized or new hardware should be purchased. Bahram will be returning on Monday.  

Travis also reported that GroupWise instant messenger is not accessible on the wireless network.  Jason Gutierrez will contact Rory. 

Chris Strauss reported that RemMail has been reconstituted.  Users will be able to update tickets and confirm resolutions by responding to e-mail.  There is one change: customers must resolve tickets rather than close them.  Tickets can be closed by editing the subject line.  Ticket closure is no longer automatic.  Re-assigning tickets through e-mail has been included.   Documentation has been linked back onto Helpdesk Central’s main page.  Contact Chris if you have questions. 

No replacement has been hired since Axton left.  

Philip Baczewski asked DCSMT if their service expectations include providing after hours and weekend support.  This came as a result of an incident which occurred several weeks ago.  A customer was not satisfied with existing normal procedures (which dictated the issuance of a Remedy ticket for resolution of the problem).  Libraries has staff available to provide support for on-call emergencies (based on a defined standard). Chris Straus indicated that a service level agreement can be created in Remedy for ticket escalation.  The next release of Remedy 5.6 has changes to service level agreements which can be set up to escalate at specific levels (or other criteria).  A questionnaire will be developed to address specific questions.

Sandy Burke reported that she is working with Steve Vocelka to provide Helpdesk support on June 27 during the scheduled power outage.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.


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