Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

July 2, 2004

Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Troy Bacon (AVP Finance and Business Affairs and Controller), Craig Berry (School of Visual Arts), Ginger Boone (University Union), Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (School of Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Jim Curry (Microcomputer Maintenance/Classroom Support Services), Cyndie Harris (UNT Facilities), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Pamiela Hight (UNT Libraries), Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (Student Computing Committee, Computing and IT Center),  Paul Hons (College of Education), Abraham John (VP Student Development), Scott Joyce (Universities Center at Dallas), Kirk Kelly (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Dallas Newell (Registrar's Office), Bruce Pollock (ABN LAN Mgmt), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Brad Varcoe (Police Department), Mike Wright (Computing and IT Center), Yancey Yeargan (College of Engineering), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Members Present
Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center),  Allen Bradley (Computing and IT Center), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences),  Chu Chuah (School of Community Service), Matt Graham for Pam Hight (UNT Libraries), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Paul Hons (College of Education),  Kirk Kelly (Housing), Dean Kusler for Ginger Boone (University Union), Maurice Leatherbury (Chair, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Garrett Rumohr for Pam Hight (UNT Libraries), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center)

Philip Baczewski (Computing and IT Center), Jim Byford (ABN LAN Mgmt),  Jason Gutierrez (Computing and IT Center),  Matt Kernan (Computing and IT Center), Dan Kusler (University Union), Frank Lugo (Computing and IT Center),  Jason Myre (Computing and IT Center), Bahram Paiani (Computing and IT Center), Charlotte Russell (Computing and IT Center), Glenn Thorpe (Computing and IT Center), Mike Williams (Computing and IT Center), Scott Windham (Computing and IT Center), David Wright (College of Education)

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from June 4, 2004 and June 18, 2004 were approved with corrections. 

Patch Management Committee
Mike Williams reported that the committee has not met.  A report will be made at the next DCSMT meeting. 

Instant Messaging Subcommittee
Jason Gutierrez reported that the Instant Messaging Committee will meet next Tuesday.  A report will be made at the next DCSMT meeting.

McAfee 7.x Installation
Mike Williams reported that the McAfee 7.1 client is available for download from the antivirus website (which can be currently be found at http://ncs.unt.edu/virus/index.html).  The installer is fast and easy to install.  Mike is in the process of burning 50 CDs for the bookstore.  CDs will be available for home use at a cost of $3.00 each.  UNT ID's will be swiped to track the purchase of the licenses.  This client does not support Windows 98 because it requires version 4.5.1.  

EUID Password Strength and Aging
Maurice Leatherbury reported on the progress of an internal audit finding from summer of 2002.  At that time, internal audit recommended usage of password aging requirements.  Several weeks ago, state auditors also recommended implementation of password aging requirements.  Now that a directory infrastructure is in place, strong password assignments as well as aging on EUID passwords will be implemented by the end of the year.

Aging will occur every 120 days.  Password will begin to expire in mid-September to give ample time to notify users.   A long term goal is to sync novell passwords with euid passwords.  (Novell Netware 6.5 can enforce strong passwords and may soon abide by the strong password guidelines.)

Philip Baczewski, Charlotte Russell, and Allen Bradley will develop instructions.  Around the time of implementation, Maurice will take out an ad in the NT Daily, and a poster campaign will begin to help inform students.  It may be possible to develop a wizard to help users create strong passwords.  The use of mnemonics will also be recommended.   

Login Banner Warning
Maurice reported on an additional state audit requirement--use of a system login banner on the EIS portal.  The use of a system banner is a state requirement for all systems.  It is recommended that the banner be placed on all systems (including public workstations) before access is granted.  Below is the text of the banner (which includes state required text):

UNT System Login Banner

Warning. This system is the property of the University of North Texas (UNT).

Your use of this university computing resource constitutes an explicit and binding agreement to abide by relevant federal and state laws as well as UNT policies. Violations can result in severe penalties and possible criminal prosecution. 

By using this system, you agree that you understand the following: 

  • Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited.
  • Use of this system is subject to review and disclosure in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act and other laws.
  • You have no reasonable expectation of privacy in regard to any communication or information you store on this system.
  • Use of this system constitutes your consent to security monitoring and testing and administrative review.
  • Use of UNT computing resources must be limited to justifiable computing support of UNT activities in accordance with UNT Policy 3.10: “Computer Use Policy” and UNT Policy 3.6: “Information Resources Security Policy”.

The banner statement above will be posted on the EIS portal.

Preliminary Audit Findings
Maurice presented additional preliminary findings of the "in-progress" state audit.  Auditors performed an ISS Scan of the EIS private network.  A few windows and unix vulnerabilities were found in addition to several rogue wireless access points. Findings also included better password protection and use of intruder lockout. Auditors will return to campus next week to visit Housing and Athletics. 

Old Business

New Business

Status Reports
Tim Christian reported that he has been dealing with a strange SUS bug related to an XML patch roll-out.  

Mike Hatch reported that COBA purchased a multimedia production station with TIF funds.  If anyone is interested in a cpu, keyboard and mouse, notify Mike.  

Mike also reported that the former dean of COBA returned to teaching.  The interim dean is Mary Thibodeaux.  Cengiz Capan has been named the associate dean of operations.

Joe Adamo reported that a conduit has been pulled across the interstate (as part of the campus build out) to serve   Victory Hall and the other parts of campus located in that area. 

Joe also reported that he has been negotiating the purchase of dark fiber connections between Denton and Dallas. 

Maurice reported that the LEARN network hired an executive director.  The executive director will be on board on July 15 and will be officed at UT Austin. 

Costs of the Microsoft Campus Agreement will increase by $15,000 due to an increase in FTE.  A large number of TA’s have been added.

The EIS project conducting load testing for 500 users.  There were indexing problems encountered and one of the servers is reaching maximum cpu capacity.  More horsepower will be added to increase speed on the system.  Problems may be corrected prior to the next load test.

The North Texas Gigapop is planning to provide internet 1 service to gigapop members.  Good pricing on large volume internet bandwidth is available.  CR Chevli is chair of the gigapop operations committee and has been heading the team of network managers (6 current members).  Plans include the purchase of a juniper router.  The hope to services running by October or November of this year.  There is still no money from the state for the network.

Bahram Paiani reported on unknown host blocking.  More than 500,000 pieces of mail are delivered everyday.  Several months ago, mailhost was delivering 700,000 pieces.  Approximately 270,000 pieces of mail come from unknown hosts.  He has received only five or six complaints regarding the blocks, and often the complaints are related to incidental use rather than legitimate business.

Jason Gutierrez reported that he sent a message to netman regarding GroupWise 6.52c client for Mac OS X.  The cross platform client is available on CC2 software.

Jason also reported that he has collected figures for the TAP agreement for Mac OS X.  This is the last year of the current TAP agreement.  

Philip Baczewski reported that he will be moving bulk mail to a new server platform next week.  There will be a short downtime (through part of the weekend).   Testing will be completed before the system goes live. 

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.


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