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March 4, 2005

Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Troy Bacon (AVP Finance and Business Affairs and Controller), Philip Baczewski (DCSMT Chair, Director of Academic Computing, Computing and IT Center), Craig Berry (School of Visual Arts), Ginger Boone (University Union), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (College of Public Administration and Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Jim Curry (Microcomputer Maintenance/Classroom Support Services), Cyndie Harris (UNT Facilities), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Paul Hons (College of Education), Scott Jackson (Libraries), Abraham John (VP Student Development), Scott Joyce (Housing), Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Burton Lee (College of Music), Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Dallas Newell (Enrollment Management), Bruce Pollock (ABN LAN Mgmt), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Uwe Rossbach (College of Engineering), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Members Present
Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Philip Baczewski (DCSMT Chair, Director of Academic Computing, Computing and IT Center), Craig Berry (School of Visual Arts), Ginger Boone (University Union), Sandy Burke (Computing and IT Center), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (College of Public Administration and Community Service), Mike Sanders for Wil Clark (UNT System Center at Dallas), Mike Hatch (College of Business Administration), Paul Hons (College of Education), Scott Jackson (Libraries), Scott Joyce (Housing), Tracy Hansen for Brenda Kirk (Computing and IT Center), Alan Livingston for Gary Mathews (School of Library and Information Science), Chris Strauss Computing and IT Center), Uwe Rossbach (College of Engineering), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Phillip Brooks (Computing and IT Center), Travis Brown (Computing and IT Center), Howard Draper (Computing and IT Center), Daren Dugan (Computing and IT Center), Nassos Galiopoulos (School of Community Service), Jason Guttierrez (Computing and IT Center), Richard Harris (Computing and IT Center), Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (GALMAC Chairperson, Computing and IT Center), Judy Hunter (Libraries), Bill Jones (HSC), Krysta Kaye (Libraries), Matt Kernan (Housing), Maurice Leatherbury (Computing and IT Center), Claudia Lynch (Computing and IT Center), Mike Maner (Computing and IT Center), Jason Myre (Computing and IT Center), Garret Rumohr (Libraries), Richard Sanzone (Computing and IT Center), Stormy Shippy (Computing and IT Center), Teo Yoke (Computing & IT Center), Steve Vocelka (Computing and IT Center), Scott Windham (Computing & IT Center), David Wright (College of Education), Mike Wright (Computing and IT Center)

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from February 18, 2005 were approved as written with minor corrections.

Cypress Reporting Software Installation
Phillip Brooks and Steve Vocelka discussed the Cypress Reporting System that is available to about 300 people on campus so far to print out the financial reports at the local printer.  So far it is available for phone bills and some financial aid reports.  Human Resources is getting ready to add some of their reports to this software also.  Implementation began 3 months ago.  Emails were sent to affected end users along with a document with instructions on installation and use.  Some problems were discovered with the rollout, including the lack of ActiveX software on individuals' PCs.  A lot of these individuals did not have rights to install software, so the network managers had to be contacted to get the software installed.  Paul Hons worked with Phillip Brooks to develop a Zenworks Application to install the needed software.  Paul will share this with anyone who would like to use it also.

This product is limited to Windows and Internet Explorer because of the need for ActiveX.  Philip Baczewski is testing installing this product on Macintosh Virtual PC.  Virtual PC is included in software contract .Mike Hatch requested that if and when updates for Cypress come in, to please send information to the network managers so they can determine the best way to employ the updates to their staff.

Old Business

Paul Hons reported on the status of the PDA Synchronization project.  Paul is still attempting to get people to test the various synchronization packages.  He would like to have all reviews to him by next week before Spring Break.  Paul did have a user needing a synchronization package, so he purchased Portamail for him.  The licensing of the product included having a temporary key at the time of installation, which generated a hardware number.  This had to be sent it in, before he could get a final key. 

New Business

Mike Wright reported that we should have some kind of a bid back on Adobe PC by the end of spring break.  He will be sending out to everyone the info he has including valid pricing for all Adobe products.  He already has summaries for the different areas according to his records.  When the new pricing is determined, he will need to get quick turnaround from network managers to ensure completion because the contract expires the end of June. 

Mike Wright also reported that very quickly the bookstore will have the student versions of the two big Adobe products for sale for students.  Creative Suite and Acrobat products.  Good price for students, but does not include faculty and staff in this special pricing.  The Microsoft Suite for students contract has not been finalized yet.

 Howard Draper announced a new site the Security team will be using to announce security advisories.  It will be located at http://notices.infosec.unt.edu/  and will be broken down by operating system and categories.  The Security team will also keep sending the emails, but will phase into sending emails notifying the network managers of updates to the website.

Area Status Reports.

Uwe Rossbach was introduced to the group as the representative from the College of Engineering.  All others at the meeting were asked to introduce themselves and the area they work with.

Chris Strauss reported on problems with version compatibility and the usability of Remedy web clients on a Macintosh running OS 10.3.8.  If you have problems, send email to Chris and he will help you out. 

Joe Adamo announced to the network managers that the UNT Account Management System (AMS) has provisions to create a guest EUID and password that can be used to access the wireless network.  If any network manager would like to have access to this feature, please send Joe an email and he will get you added to the system.  The features allow you to add any number of guests to the system and will grant them access for up to 90 days.  You can specify an ending date, or it will automatically expire after 90 days.  You can reauthorize the guest, if necessary.  Guests will be restricted to basically port 80 traffic.  The access begins when the request is made.  There is nothing set up as yet to specify a start date, just an ending date. 

Travis Brown announced that he has taken another job in Carrollton and his last day as the ID Management and LDAP manager will be March 11.  They are hoping to have someone in place next week to begin training to take over his position.

Uwe Rossbach informed the group that the entire Research Park will be having some maintenance performed and will be out of power for a few days during spring break.

Maurice Leatherbury reported on the LEARN Network.  The governor signed the contract last week and the check is in the mail.  The LEARN board, CR Chevli, and several others will be trying to get network up and running.  Some companies have not been easy to work with and have been given 30 days to come to term with requirements or they will stop being considered as a contractor.  The eastern leg handled by WILTEL will be ready.  UNT will get connected across I35 as part of this eastern leg.   The network is moving forward.

Mike Wright reported that the campus agreement is being renewed, and it should not have any major impact on network managers.  Addendum for SLIS and COBA will have to wait until Mike Wright’s agreement is done.

Mike Hatch finished COBA's evaluation of the Dell color printer, and has now passed on to SOVA manager, Craig Berry.  He found it to be very fast and capable, and best used for spot color.  Photo quality was not quite there.  The Management Department did not select it for their purposes.  Petroleum Accounting did select it.

Scott Windham has been working with the College of Arts and Sciences to be able to videoconference between UNT and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) in Toluca. 

Richard Harris reported that once his retirement is official on March 31, 2005, he will become a Senior Consultant & Wireless Device Specialist, CTO- Retired, for the President and vice-presidents in the use of their wireless Treo phone/palms.

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner announced that JAWS 6.0 is out and available for download from the Freedom Scientific website (www.freedomscientific.com) or installed by CD-ROM available directly from Elizabeth.  The CDs also contain documentation for the application.  The 6.0 currently used is the one that still uses the authorization diskettes.  She still has plenty of auth diskettes but reminded everyone to please try to remember to put their auths back on the floppy before blowing away JAWS 5 on their current installations.   She is working on getting the new internet-authorized JAWS 6 from the company; but it is taking awhile because you have to fill out this questionnaire which they then analyze 'in order to provide you with the best authorization solution possible!'  She will let everyone know when the internet version comes (called the ILM version). UNT's version is called the Quella version (important to know if you are downloading it from the website).

Judy Hunter, Willis Library GAL Manager, reported that she is pushing all PDF documents through the Dell evaluation printer.  The lab has gone through 85,000 copies per printer per month.  They have not had any problems. 

Paul Hons said that the ZenWorks app for Cypress Reporting Software installation works for XP, SP2, and Windows 2000. 

Tim Christian let the group know that on March 11, Arts & Sciences staff will be upgrading all servers and services, including moving to the Dell SAN.  They expect it to be down Saturday and Sunday (March 12-13) also. 

Dell Corporation Presentation

Keith Cullum, Dell account manager, introduced the people he had at the meeting with him:  David Hardin – Dell Quotes, and could be contacted if Keith was not available to escalate support issues; Bill Neiderstadt, Printer Products; Dan Smith, Client Technologist; and Elinor Shaw - Student Computing and Latitude. 

Two separate presentations were done.  The first was about Dell printers.  Bill made an offer to UNT to find 5 laser printers (preferably HP) that could be sent to Dell, and Dell will give us 5 free printers with the purchase of 5 printers with trade in.  A limit of 15 printers was mentioned, but that might be negotiable.  The offer ends the end of March 2005. 

Lunch was then distributed from Jason’s Deli, provided by Dell. 

Dan Smith, their Client Technologist then gave a presentation on new desktops, notebooks, mobile workstations, and PDAs

 Meeting adjourned at noon..

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