Distributed Computing Support
Management Team

Meeting Minutes

July 3, 2009

Meeting Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Meeting Place: Chilton Hall, Room 245

Joe Adamo (Computing and IT Center), Troy Bacon (AVP Finance and Business Affairs and Controller), Philip Baczewski (DCSMT Chair, Director of Academic Computing, Computing and IT Center), John Berra (Registrar), Craig Berry (College of Visual Arts and Design), Ben Bigby (College of Music), Ginger Boone (University Union), Charlie Brien (UNT Facilities), Jim Byford (College of Engineering), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences), Chu Chuah (College of Public Administration and Community Service), Wil Clark (UNT System Center @ Dallas), Katy Gallahan (ABN Lan Mgmt), Mike Hatch (College of Business), Paul Hons (College of Education), Scott Jackson (Libraries), Abraham John (VP Student Development), Brenda Kirk (CITC PC/Lan Support), Gary Mathews (College of Information), Tom McElwee (Micro Maint/Class Supt Serv), Jason McMullen (Business Services), Richard Sanzone (Computing and IT Center), Chris Strauss (Computing and IT Center), Roy Zumwalt (Texas Academy of Math and Science)

Members Present
Dan Kidd (for Tom McElwee, CITC Micro Maintenance), Don McClure (for Chris Strauss, CITC Remedy Administration), Gary Mathews (College of Information), John Berra (Registrar's Office), Mike Hatch (College of Business), Nassos Galiopoulos (for Chu Chuah, Col. Of Public Admin & Comm. Svc.), Philip Baczewski (DCSMT Chair (CITC)), Richard Sanzone (CITC Helpdesk), Robert Wellman (for Paul Hons, College of Education), Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences)

T. J. Adamowicz (CITC Network Computing Services), Vasilis Angelogiannos (College of Public Affairs and Community Service), Michael Bagget (VP Student Development), Kory Booth (CITC Operations), Mac Edwards (Computing and IT Center), Jason Gutierrez (CITC Network Computing Services), Maurice Leatherbury (CITC AVP Comp/CTO), Claudia Lynch (CITC Academic Computing), Jennifer Lafleur (CITC Administration and Compliance), Gabe Marshall (CITC Security), Charlotte Russell (CITC Admin/Compliance), Craig Terrell (CITC Network Computing Services), Steve Vocelka (CITC Computer Operations)


Minutes from June 19, 2009, were approved as written.


Maurice Leatherbury (CITC AVP for Computing and CTO) asked managers if they know of any any driving reason to move to Windows 7 any time soon. Unknown as of now as to when Windows XP will be unavailable for new installs. Windows 7 availability (release to manufacturing) is reportedly in July, which might make Windows XP unavailable. However, managers stated no compelling reasons for wanting to move quickly to Windows 7 and had no interest in the Windows 7 VIP program offered by Microsoft.

Mike Wright (CITC Administration and Compliance) reminded managers that Windows 7 requires key servers for mass installs. Craig Terrell (CITC Directory Services) told managers that a KMS server is built but not yet configured for campus use.


Philip Baczewski (CITC, DCSMT Chair) asked managers their reaction to the Bomgar demo given at the last meeting. Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences) stated that some Gartner-recommended applications other than Bomgar were already in use on campus and an adoption process should look at supporting other requirements besides remote desktop support. Nassos Galiopoulos (College of Public Affairs and Community Service) stated that a more comprehensive integrated approach to desktop support would be preferable.

Philip Baczewski (CITC, DCSMT Chair) told managers that the contracted SCCM Training would split over two weeks to accommodate all interested areas who had contacted him to date. Areas wishing to include "extra" attendees will be responsible for those individual's training costs.

Philip Baczewski (CITC, DCSMT Chair) reported for Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner that the energy management subcommittee met twice since the last DCSMT. At the first meeting they discussed our testing results with Faronics Powersave and found no negative issues with the product on Macs or PCs. Powersave offers no discount for larger orders. The subcommittee was made aware of the opportunity to acquire Verdiem's Surveyor energy management application as part of UNT’s contract with a power management company. The subcommittee attended a 90-minute Webex meeting and demo and were impressed with the product. Katy Gallahan volunteered to do extensive testing of the product. The cost of Verdiem would be rolled into the energy management contract cost as opposed to being a separate purchase and cost. Major areas of Macintosh use were present at the Verdiem presentation and it was concluded afterwards that the fact that Surveyor is only for PC is not a real issue with them because the Mac built-in energy management solutions are excellent already. The subcommittee should be able to give a presentation and final report/recommendation at the July 17 DCSMT.

Dan Kidd (CITC Micro-Maintenance Services) proposed an upgrade recommended display for PC desktops to the Dell 2210 monitor since the current recommended model will soon be unavailable. Managers concurred with the recommendation. Dan also noted need to consider new laptop standard in August, since the current recommended model will become unavailable in the fall.


No new business was discussed.


Tim Christian (College of Arts and Sciences) stated that CAS Computing Support Services was interviewing for various positions.

Mike Wright (CITC Administration and Compliance) reminded managers that Adobe Software license renewals would be due soon. Mike said he would be retiring at the end of August after which Jennifer Lafleur would handle Adobe license requests. Because of organizational changes with colleges and departments, he stated that it will be important to be sure that records are accurate. He also reminded managers that with UNT's new Microsoft contract that includes server product, any version of products are covered for use.

Jason Gutierrez noted that Microsoft RC tools management system requirements are either Windows Vista or Windows 2003 Server. He noted that he is moving Dallas campus OCS users out of UNT domain to UNT Dallas domain. Jason said he can help with OCS account management if an area did not have a resource to support use of the management system.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m. The next meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2009.

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