Meeting Minutes

September 20, 1996

Members present: Bill Buntain, Craig Berry, Jim Curry, Eric Duchemin, Paul Dworak, Mike Hatch, Paul Hons, Abraham John, Dallas Newell, Robert Pierce, Chris Strauss, Maurice Leatherbury

Members absent: Cengis Capan, Tim Christian, Cyndie Harris Guests present: Richard Harris

There being no additions or corrections to the minutes of the August 30, 1996 meeting, they were approved as distributed.

Tim Christian reported that the Network Operating System Management subcommittee had almost completed its evaluations and Managewise and DSExpert were the products it would probably recommend. Richard Harris reported that Novell had included Managewise at no cost in UNT's contract for its products.

Mike Hatch reported for the Intel 32-bit Operating System Standardization subcommittee that the group hadn't met since the last DCSMT meeting. The committee has, however, identified several candidate products, from McAfee, Novell, Seagate, and Microsoft, that it is examining for desktop management.

Paul Hons reported that the Call Tracking System subcommittee had not met but was awaiting feedback on its proposed scoring procedure for systems that it will be considering. Chris Strauss is getting Clientele installed and running so it can be demonstrated at a future meeting of the subcommittee, and Paul Hons has acquired a demo version of Support Magic that he is installing for the committee's evaluation. Paul requested that all DCSMT members return the scoring sheets.

There was no report from the Desktop Standardization subcommittee but Maurice said that Cengis had assumed additional responsibilities in the College of Business and had not had time to call a meeting of the subcommittee.

Paul Dworak reported that there had been problems with slow network performance in Music in the past week, with the network support personnel in NMS continuing to try to determine the root cause of the problem.

Dallas Newell reported that one of her clients had had problems with Groupwise messages being delivered to the wrong mailbox, or users finding the wrong mailbox when they had logged in. Richard said that there had been a problem earlier with similar occurrences, but that the users couldn't actually read the messages whose headers were visible in the in-box.

Paul Hons reported that the College of Education was moving forward with installing Windows 95 on ten machines and was thinking of ordering additional copies under the $19.95 offer that Microsoft has made to higher education. The Department of Information Resources current price seems to be $54 for Win95, so any UNT department considering moving to that OS should make a quick decision in order to take advantage of Microsoft's offer.

Bill Buntain, in response to questions about 3270 support, reported that the Computing Center was looking at providing TCP/IP access to the IBM mainframe that would alleviate the 3270 problems. There are problems with security and printing on TCP/IP, however, that haven't been solved yet.

Chris Strauss recommended that UNT support personnel take advantage of the Windows 95 Web pages that the help desk has published, since the pages contain information about UNT-specific setups that will prevent problems as the distributed centers install the new OS. The address of the Web pages is:

Bill Buntain noted that the fiber link project to the dorms, etc., has been funded and will be installed over the next six months or so. That project will allow us to retire the broadband data communications link. Also, we're working with the City of Denton to use their fiber optic ring to connect to TWU for our videoconference link. In addition, the City will pull a fiber cable to the Library annex in the future that we will may use. The City's fiber may also be used to link the UNT Police department to the City's police department.

Bill also reported that NMS is ready to roll out FTP service over Netware, making it possible for users to transfer files to and from their home computers and their LAN servers over the PPP dial-up lines. Finally, Bill reported that there is a problem with using PCAnywhere 7.5 over our dial-up lines, because one configuration of PCAnywhere causes our Ascend boxes that handle the dial-up lines to reboot. Ascend is working on a fix to its software to prevent the problem.

Maurice reported that there had been problems with the UNIX systems recently, the most critical one being that Jove had run out of disk space. An emergency order for additional disk drives had been sent to Sun, and the UNIX staff was deleting files in order to free up enough space for new users and new files.

Tim Christian said that Arts and Sciences had hired four new support persons, two of whom would start work on the Tuesday following this meeting and the other two of whom would start in two weeks. A&S is planning a rollout of its new machines in the November/December time frame. Tim also reported that he had not had much success in negotiating a lower price for Apple products and suggested that the campus have a debate over the appropriateness of Apple computers to UNT's needs.

Jim Curry reported that Microcomputer Maintenance had done $2.3 million of business last fiscal year, and that he is offering a DLT backup system with 100GB capacity on five tapes for $7,500.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35PM.

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