Meeting Minutes

February 7, 1997

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Paul Hons, Tim Christian, Chris Strauss, Maurice Leatherbury (Chair), Ginger Boone, Jim Curry, Dallas Newell, Cyndie Harris, Eric DuChemin, Sue Ellen Richey (Recording Secretary) 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Robert Pierce, Paul Dworak, Rich Anderson, Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Cengiz Capan 

The minutes of the January 17, 1997 meeting were approved as published. 

It was announced that Phillip Chukwuma is no longer at UNT and his name should be removed from the membership of this committee. Maurice announced that Eric DuChemin has agreed to serve as Chair of the Desktop Applications Standardization Committee. In addition, Jim Curry will chair the Call Tracking System Committee. Jim said he would be sure to invite all DCSMT members to each meeting. 

Jim Curry reported that he is developing a list of alternative input devices such as track pads, trackballs, etc. so that people who need something other than the Microsoft Mouse offered by Microcomputer Maintenance Shop will have some recommended alternative devices to select from. The list will have names and phone numbers of the people who use the devices, so people can contact them personally for details about the devices. Jim asked that people e-mail him information about the products they are using, giving specific information about each item. Discussion continued about the various alternative devices currently in use. 

The Chair opened discussion about Windows NT Server issues, asking members for their input about the proliferation of domains, naming conventions, handling NT Servers in an NDS environment, and cost issues. Mike Hatch commented that there are a number of naming conventions in use on campus and suggested that there needs to be some synchronization among them. Several members reported on the way they are handling the naming of domains. 

Maurice surveyed the group to see how many NT servers are currently running, the result of which showed approximately 19 in production and an unknown number planned. Discussion continued during which it was pointed out that NDS will be used on campus for Directory Service in the foreseeable future, and that domains for NT are effective in particular environments that are somewhat isolated. Maurice stated that the price for each NT client is approximately $6.00 according to the most recent publications. 

Jim Curry announced that the revised order form, which has the new basic machine configuration, is now on the Web. He reported that memory prices continue to fall. He said he has 70 orders holding, waiting for the new pricing. He also said he is working on a new Web version of the order form but before placing the form there he asked for the group's comments on stating on the form that the basic machine on the form is the one endorsed by this committee. The group agreed that Jim could use the word "recommended" rather than "endorsed." Jim also told the group that the new Web version of the order form will have links to manufacturers' Web sites where purchasers can actually see specifications and details about the item being purchased. 

Mike Hatch announced that Ghost is now available, and that the price has dropped so when departments send the Computing Center an IDO, it only needs to be for $160.00 per college, with the total purchase price of the product coming down to $2,595.00. Mike also announced that WinInstall is now formally released and it is on the CC2 software volume for distribution. John Bradley has been working on some site-specific notes which are available on the Web at the NMS site. He said that people who had any problems with it should call him. 

Tim Christian reported that A&S is still rolling out new computers to staff and faculty with a target date of the last week in March for completion. He said he hoped to be at a good level of service again by the end of April. 

Craig Berry said he is trying to roll out some new systems, but that most of his time is taken up with trouble calls. He now has some part-time help, which should ease his situation somewhat. 

Richard Harris reported for Randy Galloway's area that they are going to make some changes this weekend that should help the gateway problems. He also reported that he and Maurice met with Dr Brownell and the other vice presidents about some guidelines for sending "everyone" e-mail. 

Paul Hons said he is preparing for Windows 95 rollout and plans to use Ghost as a test on a small group of machines first. 

Cyndie Harris reported that she is getting started on the Windows 95 rollout, noting that her department still has nine 386 machines which they can't afford to replace. She also announced that a camera is going to be installed on top of the coliseum to take pictures of the progress in the construction of the new Performance Arts building, and the pictures will be put on the Web. 

Jim Curry reported that Mike has worked hard to provide a standard install of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 so that Jim can put one or the other of those operating systems on new machines. He also announced that he will be making available some larger hard disk drives available, offering drives that are 4 Gigabyte (at approximately $1,000), 9 Gigabyte (at approximately $2,000) and 23 Gigabyte (at approximately $4,900), which should handle some of the larger needs on campus. Jim also announced that he will be receiving a number of 486 machines as trade-ins that he will be willing to re-sell at around $250.00 each to those departments who cannot afford to buy new machines. 

Dallas Newell reported that the move into the new SSC Building is targeted for the week after Spring Break, but she believes it is more likely to be the 2nd week after Spring Break. Service in all of the departments being moved is not going to be interrupted. 

Chris Strauss reported that the help desk Web site is running on an NT server at 

Maurice announced that the Computing Center is close to choosing a vendor for the Microsoft Select contract and it is hoped that a contract will soon be in place. 

Ginger Boone reported that she is continuing to roll out Windows 95, and that most people in LIS are now using Office 97 and are quite pleased with it. There was some discussion about the difficulty caused by different word processing packages being used across campus. The Chair pointed out that Eric DuChemin's committee will be dealing with that issue. In the discussion, it was noted that negotiations with Corel for WordPerfect products have been dropped. 

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m. 

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