Meeting Minutes

May 16, 1997

MEMBERS PRESENT: Craig Berry, Paul Hons, Tim Christian, Chris Strauss, Maurice Leatherbury (Chair), Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley (for Bill Buntain), Jim Curry, Kelly Wood, Richard Harris, Cyndie Harris, Rich Anderson, Curry Searle, Bruce Pollock, Sue Ellen Richey (Recording Secretary)

MEMBERS ABSENT: Mike Hatch, Mike Wright, Eric DuChemin, Robert Pierce, Dallas Newell, Abraham John, Cengiz Capan

The following corrections were made to the minutes of the May 2 meeting:

Page two, paragraph 1, first sentence will read as follows: "Jim Curry reported for the Call Tracking System Sub-committee that they have been looking at some viable software options; for example, SA Expert, at $120,000 (not including equipment). "

Page two, paragraph 1, eighth sentence will read as follows: "They originally thought that 36 licenses would meet UNT's needs, but in re-studying the issue, they believe 50 licenses will be needed."

Page two, paragraph 3, second sentence will read as follows: "The Chair of the Faculty Senate, who is a Word Perfect advocate, heard of this and exclaimed that WordPerfect could not be dropped."

It should be noted that Rich Anderson was present at the May 2 meeting.

The Chair introduced Allen Bradley, who is the new Computer Systems Manager in the Computing Center.

Jim Curry reported for the Call Tracking System subcommittee that they have looked at Magic Solutions and have come up with a list of four questions to send the vendor to get their technical responses. He stated that they have looked at a Remedy installation, presented by Rory Rivoire. The group agreed that Remedy is a versatile package and will look at it again in two weeks. In the two week interim, Cyndie Harris will work with Rory to implement Remedy in real UNT situations.

Maurice reported that the Desktop Applications Standardization Committee will meet on Thursday, May 22. He reported having received a message from Charldean Newell, who is conducting a survey of faculty senate members and two other campus-wide faculty committees, to determine how many computer users prefer either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Of the responses received to date, her poll shows 18 for WordPerfect; 10 for Microsoft Word; 7 wanted both; and 1 for Claris Works. Maurice said his subcommittee will take her survey into account when they meet to discuss this issue.

Jim Curry reminded the group that he would like people's opinions about various pointing devices so that he can compile the information to publish on the web.

It was announced that the contract that was executed for the Microsoft Select agreement was not a current version of the contract, so a new contract is going to have to be reviewed by the University Attorney and signed by Vice President Diebel.

In response to a question raised about descriptions of the Microsoft Select training classes, Maurice said he would ask Mike Wright to distribute course descriptions.

Maurice reported that an agreement with COMP USA or some other vendor is being discussed regarding the purchase or lease of laptops. There will be a meeting next Thursday at 11:00 a.m. concerning this possible agreement. Maurice asked for input from the group on the subject. Discussion followed. Jim Curry was asked to provide a list of the different brands and models of laptops owned by UNT departments.

Allen Bradley stated that he is aware of how the whole campus is impacted when the Computing Center has problems; and that he will be working to make things work smoothly.

Kelly Wood reported trying to get some projects completed during this break between Spring and Summer semesters.

Rich Anderson reported that he, also, is trying to do some clean-up between semesters.

Craig Berry stated that he is still trying to decide what operating system to use. It was suggested that anyone who purchased more copies of Windows 95 than they needed might want to sell their copies to SOVA. Craig reported that he needs 48 copies; it was suggested that he contact Mike Wright to see if there were any extras in the Computing Center. Craig also reported that he is looking into getting a site license for all Adobe products.

Richard Harris reported that he, Bill Buntain and Allen Bradley attended a Novell Briefing on Thursday, May 15th, where Novell enthusiastically presented their software offerings. Richard said he would send out information pertaining to a number of courses they are offering.

Jim Curry reported that MMS is almost finished with the COBA upgrades, and that it has gone smoothly. They were able to complete the upgrades in five days. MMS is now working on Arts & Science's file server upgrade and will begin work on SCS' equipment upgrade next week. Jim said he has posted a new price list, reflecting new lower pricing.

Chris Strauss reported that the Help Desk is in the process of training four new consultants. He will have two more leaving at the end of Summer I. He suggested that members look at his web page for the latest documentation, and announcements. Chris announced that Ty Young is working on re-architecturing dial-up software. Everything will be on the same CD, which they hope to have available in the UNT Bookstore in the Fall. His group has been familiarizing themselves with Front Page so that they can provide support on that product to faculty who want to put up their own web page.

Tim Christian announced that Dean Bell has resigned and they are searching for a replacement. His current activity is to bring up the new servers.

Curry Searle reported that they are slowly rolling out Windows 95 in the Admin. Building. It is a slow process because of so many different machines being in use.

Tim Christian noted his appreciation of Jim Curry and the Microcomputer Maintenance shop in the upgrade process of the A&S servers.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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