Meeting Minutes

June 20, 1997 Meeting

MEMBERS PRESENT: Craig Berry, Allen Bradley, Ginger Boone, Tim Christian, Jim Curry, Mike Hatch, Paul Hons, Chris Strauss, Maurice Leatherbury

MEMBERS ABSENT: Eric DuChemin, Kelly Wood, Robert Pierce, Bruce Pollock, Cyndie Harris, Dallas Newell, Rich Anderson, Abraham John, Bill Buntain


The minutes of the June 6, 1997 meeting were approved with the following corrections: WordPerfect 6.1 instead of WordPerfect 6.0 in paragraph 5, in the paragraph reporting on the CompUSA meeting, Mike Wright instead of Maurice Leatherbury is the person who will contact Dell. Replace "…problems with autoforwarded mail out of Pegasus" with "problems with GroupWise receiving autoforwarded mail out of Pegasus" in the paragraph starting with "Richard Harris…"

Jim Curry reported that the Call Tracking System subcommittee had met twice since the last DCSMT meeting and voted at yesterday's meeting to bring Apriori representative to campus to demonstrate that product. The cost of Apriori quoted by the company is $87,000, plus 15% of the purchase price per year for maintenance, with an unlimited site license at this price. Jim will invite technical persons from the company to give the demonstration, perhaps at the next meeting of the subcommittee or the following one.

The subcommittee has begun conceptualizing a call tracking environment, developing screen layouts on Microsoft Excel with Tim Christian performing the design tasks. The subcommittee will have to go through the layout design for either an in-house or purchased system. As currently envisioned, the system would require a user ID for access to service, and would work on an 800 X 600 screen. The subcommittee will continue its design efforts, having only gotten through the first screen. They anticipate perhaps two or three more screens to complete the conceptualization.

The Desktop Application Standardization subcommittee's work was described by Maurice Leatherbury, who reported that the draft standard had been sent to the Standards and Cooperation Group and an open forum for discussion of the word processor issues would be held on July 10th. Discussion ensued about whether the standard would commit all distributed computing support areas to continue supporting WordPerfect. Maurice said that the whole group would continue the discussion at its next meeting.

Mike Wright reported that we were still waiting on the lawyers to agree on jurisdiction and indemnification issues before approving the Microsoft Select agreement. Maurice will ask Richard Harris to expedite the process of obtaining approval. Distributed areas are waiting for software, we're nearing the end of the fiscal year, and there are other pressing issues awaiting the finalization of the agreement.

Under the agreement, the University will have to provide metering on all servers so we'll have to have an operational metering package. Softtrack 3.0 seems to be good, according to Tim. Craig suggested that DCSMT investigate metering packages and work on obtaining a site license for the one selected. The Net Managers group has invited On Technology to its next meeting but they haven't committed to doing so yet. Tim will purchase a copy of Softtrack and check it out. The Library is installing version 3.0 in their production systems.

Mike Hatch reported that mail shouldn't be autoforwarded from Pegasus. Instead, you should establish an alias on Mercury NLM with the GroupWise user ID as the name. Paul Hons reported having other problems with College of Education mail through GroupWise. The problems seemed to have gone away for a while but had returned recently.

Allen Bradley explained problems that were fixed on GroupWise that Randy Galloway alluded to in a message sent on the previous day. The master post office had been corrupted, so he had re-synched the domains, and rebuilt the local domains. They are working with Novell to determine if this is really a continuing problem.

Mike Hatch reported that the College of Business Administration had finished its upgrade of student and faculty machines to Windows 95. Mike will replace Cengiz Capan as COBA's representative on DCSMT. COBA is asking Data Communications to investigate upgrading their labs from thinnet to twisted pair and fiber. COBA will upgrade its servers to Pentium Pro processors, which will require a motherboard replacement. They will be setting up an Oracle server on a Windows NT server and will also bring up their own Web server.

Ginger Boone reported that she had finished upgrading classroom machines to clean up configurations that are changed in classes held in the classroom. She had uninstalled Office 95 from a laptop computer, installed Office 97 on that machine from the network, but discovered that Office 97 wouldn't work if the laptop was disconnected from the network. She reinstalled Office 97 from a CD, and it then worked fine.

Chris Strauss is trying to hire two new help desk assistants and is training several new persons. He is also installing Clientele for Windows with Call Conductor to test that package as a call tracking solution. The Help Desk is gearing up to support Netscape Communicator, and Simeon 4.1.1 has been released for use.

Jim Curry reported that Pentium Pro upgrades to servers are straightforward now, with earlier problems having been resolved. The upgrades require that the EISA cards be removed, and are very dependent upon the server setup so anyone contemplating a Pentium Pro upgrade should contact Jim before planning for it. SCS is upgrading a large number of its machines, about 200 to 300 machines, to Pentium's. Jim reported that he had encountered another problem with Groupwise during which the new SMTP gateway had choked on spam mail. The symptoms of the problem were similar to what had previously been thought to be hardware errors (page faults,) so the actual problem may actually have been software-related instead of hardware. Jim said that he had cured Tim Christian's problems with his server, having discovered a jumper that had been installed incorrectly. But other problems may surface, since they suspect an interaction problem with the 3Com cards (the problem doesn't occur with Intel cards.) Jim is installing Intel cards to see if it cures Tim's problem.

Craig Berry reported that he had installed a new Pentium Pro server in his lab and has had no problems with it. Performance on the new server is not noticeably faster than a desktop system: Windows NT is just slow. Some Windows NT workstations try to access drive A:, but Craig doesn't know why yet. He also reported problems with installing Zip drives after installing Office 97, since the installation causes drive letters to be changed. The Adobe volume purchase order that Craig is coordinating is still being worked on.

Paul Hons reported that he had completed installing about half of COE's Windows 95 upgrades and that he may upgrade his server hardware in the Fall. During the break after the second Summer term, he will be rebuilding an entire classroom.

Tim Christian reported that there are problems with installing Netware 4.1 on servers with more than 100 users and with Netware's default configuration. Such an installation requires major changes to Netware's configuration to insure stability. Tim will install the February 1997 version of the Netware 32 client on his machines starting next Monday, in preparation for DFS.

Mike Wright stated that the Administration Building support staff is getting ready for Windows 95 upgrades and that they are moving the server to the attic when the Administration building is renovated. They are trying to move to new standard desktop configurations which will require hardware upgrades to make the installation of Windows 95 possible. The Center for the Study of Work Teams is doing a survey of what persons are using Lotus Notes for. Mike has moved his office to Marquis 226.

Allen Bradley reported that the Netware support group had moved to GAB 511. He has a tentative schedule for the installation of Netware 4.11, Managewise, and GroupWise 5.1 and would send the schedule to everyone next week. They will offer training on Netware 4.11, then on ManageWise. They still have to move some 3.x servers to 4.1x. GroupWise 5.1 will require some end user training because it employs a new user interface.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45PM.

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