Meeting Minutes

September 5, 1997 Meeting

Members present: Jim Curry, Allen Bradley, Craig Berry, Will Clark (for Tim Christian,) Rich Anderson, Maurice Leatherbury, Dallas Newell, Bill Buntain

Members absent: Abraham John, Cyndie Harris, Eric DuChemin, Bruce Pollock, Mike Hatch

Guests present: Richard Harris

The minutes of the July 18, 1997 meeting were approved as read. The minutes of the August 15th, 1997 meeting were approved with the change to include the signatories on the Remedy sign-up sheet.

Maurice reported on the status of the Remedy call tracking project: the software has been purchased, Chris is in training as a Remedy system administrator, the hardware has been purchased and currently is in Tim Christian's server room, and Tim is forming a steering committee to guide the development of the system. Maurice said that he had made a presentation at the Dean's Council meeting the previous week to ask for the Deans' "buy in" to the new system and the only question he had received was whether training could be staggered so that all of the support persons in an area wouldn't be out at the same time.

Maurice reported that he, Tim Christian, Mike Wright, Arne Almquist, Robert Pierce, and Kent Kunkel from the Bookstore had attended an Acer technology briefing on Acer's Scholar program. That program includes a purchase plan for both departmental as well as personal laptop computers, a loan program for personal purchases, maintenance on the machines, and wireless networking options. Maurice and Mike Wright are working to try to set up a program that would make it easier for departments to purchase laptops on campus and have those machines maintained conveniently. Jim Curry has agreed to an experimental program under which he would support a single version of a laptop computer. Computer City has also talked to us about a laptop program, with machines from AST or IBM in the program. Maurice will arrange for presentations from the interested companies to be held at DCSMT meetings. There are about 430 portable computers on campus at the present time, and any program such as the one envisioned would have to be developed as a bid process by the various vendors.

Bill Buntain presented a Managewise document that describes the policy and procedures for implementing Managewise on campus. Under the program, we will not be conducting desktop application software inventories using Managewise. System configuration software will be inventoried, however. Jim Curry questioned what files would be included in that inventory, and Allen Bradley responded that it would be only the versions numbers of such files as device drivers. The net explorer feature of Managewise would be run periodically and would allow each network manager to see the entire network. There was no objections to that procedure among those present at the meeting.

Bill reported on a potential purchase of computer-based training software that would provide Unix, CNE, MCSE, and MS applications training on campus. He stated that he was in the final stages of negotiation for a contract for a 50-user license of the software. The vendor has agreed to donate the MS application software to us for one year, and there would be no limits to the number of users of those packages. The operating system packages would be limited to 50 different users. Sandy Burke and others have looked at the packages and thought they were the best that she'd seen. Craig Berry also said that the CBT software was good.

Bill reported that the General Services Commission, our Internet backbone provider, had been scheduled to move our T1 line on the Friday before classes began but had postponed the move until the following Tuesday without notifying us of the move. Moving the line would have necessitated bring down our Internet connection, and we objected to their arbitrarily scheduling the work without coordinating it with us. As a result, the work was delayed again, and we're working with GSC to improve their service to and coordination with us. We are investigating other alternatives for our point of presence provider, however. The GSC in the past has been very thin on staffing, both in its data and video networking services.

Maurice and Bill reported that the Premium Remote Access Service accounts were selling well and may sell out before the end of the semester.

Craig Berry reported that had set up a new instructional lab of PC's, adjacent to the SOVA general access lab. Craig inquired about the status of the wiring project to Oak St. Hall, and Bill responded that the project had been delayed. A contractor was supposed to have the project completed, but Bill didn't know the status of the construction.

Allen Bradley reported that a milestone in the rollout of Netware 4.11 had been reached, with the 4.11 tree coming up within the next week. Netware 3.11 upgrades had been postponed until that project is completed. NMS will be conducting Netware 4.11 training on October 12th and 13th, after which the network managers can proceed to upgrade their systems to the new version of Netware. Craig stated that he was obtaining a new server within a week and wanted to start it up with 4.11. Allen responded that he'd talk to Craig after the meeting about that request.

Maurice reported that the group may have to move its meetings to a different room in the future since ISB 204 was undergoing renovation to a videoconferencing room. He said that he'd notify the members if the meeting place would be different.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45.

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