Meeting Minutes

September 19, 1997 Meeting

Members present: Robert Pierce, Dallas Newell, Allen Bradley, Kelly Wood, Tim Christian, Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Cyndie Harris, Paul Hons, Chris Strauss, Ginger Boone, Curry Searle

Members absent: Abraham John, Eric DuChemin, Bruce Pollock, Bill Buntain

Guests present: Rory Rivoire, Richard Harris. Steve Rowell, Blair Copeland, Mike Maner, Mike Wright, Keith Cullum (Acer America,) Bill Neiderstadt (Acer America,) Stephanie Mehas (NetWave,) Michael Ludwig (CompUSA.)

The minutes of the September 5, 1997 meeting were approved as read.

Maurice reported that he had conducted an e-mail ballot on the draft Desktop Application Software Guidelines and the subcommittee members had approved it. He called for a vote on the draft and the members present unanimously approved the draft September 11, 1997 draft with no revisions. Maurice reported that he would forward the draft to the IRC Standards and Cooperation Group for their action.

Maurice noted that an investigation of potential laptop purchase and support plans was underway, with Acer America being the first company to give a presentation to the DCSMT. He stated that any plan would have to be put out on bid after a set of specifications was devised for the plan. Representatives from Acer America and Netwave then gave a presentation on their laptop computers and wireless technology.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45.

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