Meeting Minutes

November 7, 1997 Meeting

Members present: Tim Christian, Sandy Burke, Mike Hatch, Jim Curry, Eric Duchemin, Kelly Wood, Craig Berry, Paul Hons, Rich Anderson, Cyndie Harris, Chris Strauss, Maurice Leatherbury

Members absent: Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Bruce Pollak, Robert Pierce, Allen Bradley

Guests present: Paul Dworak, Richard Harris, Coy Hoggard

Tim Christian reported on the status of the Call Tracking system implementation. He asked the group about their thoughts on automatically transferring trouble calls from Remedy into Jim Curry's system. The discussion that ensued came to the general conclusion that we need to provide the technical means to transfer calls both ways (to and from each system,) but that we need to get some experience with Remedy and then see what works best later. Hooks should be built into Remedy to make it possible to share calls, however.

Maurice reported that the Desktop Application Software Guidelines would be submitted to the Information Resource Council at its next meeting for its consideration.

Coy Hoggard, Senior Director of Administrative Computing, gave a presentation on the Year 2000 problem and the efforts being made at UNT to solve it. He cautioned everyone to test systems for compliance well before the problem is likely to come up. In particular, the dates of December 31, 1999, January 1, 2000, February 28, 2000, and February 29, 2000 should be set into the machines to determine whether they rolled over to the correct date and/or if the dates cause problems with software on the systems. Jim Curry said that the Intel 486 machines on campus weren't compliant but he thought that all Pentiums on campus were. Cyndie Harris reported, however, that at a recent conference she had attended it was stated that BIOS'es dated before March, 1991 were suspect, so Jim said that he may have to re-examine his data to determine whether some older Pentiums would be OK.

Paul Dworak, representing the Standards and Cooperation Group of the IRC, said that the S&C group would compile a list of software and hardware systems that work together on campus, the goal being to provide guidelines for purchasing standard packages that were known to operate correctly. He said that in the past the Supported Items list was perceived to be "controlling" rather than helpful and the S&C group wanted to provide a service to the campus that would be seen in a positive light. The attendees thought that a list of problem software/hardware combinations would be more useful since the list of workable configurations would be too large. It was also suggested that a list of site-licensed or volume-purchase software would be useful to the entire campus, with known incompatibilities of those packages listed as well. Chris Strauss stated that much of the information was already available on the Help Desk Web site, although the site isn't comprehensive. Dr. Dworak asked the group to send him e-mail with their thoughts on the issue and how best the needs of the campus for definitive information on workable configurations could be met.

Maurice reported that he and Mike Wright would be attending a Toshiba executive briefing in Dallas on November 13th, at which they would be briefed on the company's line of laptops. In addition, they had a meeting scheduled with Larry Hoke in Purchasing to start drafting a document that would be sent to vendors to solicit their proposals for laptops under a purchase and support plan. Maurice had brought two of the machines that were under consideration: an IBM and a Compaq, and Mike Hatch took the IBM for evaluation while Rich Anderson took the Compaq. Kelly Wood had the low-end Acer laptop and Jim Curry had the high-end Acer.

Tim Christian passed out planning documents that he had received from several of the areas outlining their long-range plans for computer support. The documents were provided to him in response to earlier requests for the sharing of planning information from each of the distributed computer support areas.

Finally, Coy Hoggard noted that Internal Audit may be checking in computing areas for Year 2000 compliance.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM.

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