Meeting Minutes

November 21, 1997 Meeting

Members present: Sandy Burke, Chris Strauss, Rich Anderson, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone, Craig Berry, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons, Rogert Pierce, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury

Members absent: Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Bruce Pollak, Eric DuChemin, Mike Hatch

Guests present: Mike Wright, John Booth

Maurice reported that the draft Desktop Application Software Guidelines had been submitted to the IRC during its November 18th meeting for approval at its next meeting. He said that he had not been at the IRC meeting but had heard that there was quite a bit of discussion about the draft and the lack of input from faculty members on the guidelines. He had been requested to send the draft to the Deans for distribution to the faculty and he would be doing that the next week.

Tim Christian and Chris Strauss reported that the Remedy hardware had been received and set up and Chris was waiting for backup software to be received before he started to modify the Remedy schema. Members of the Call Tracking System Implementation Committee would be calling upon each distributed area to gather data on their call routing procedures, identities of help desk personnel, and other information.

Maurice and Mike Wright reported that they had attended a Toshiba executive briefing during which they were informed of Toshiba's current laptop lines as well as some of their forthcoming products. One thing that concerned Maurice and Mike was the fact that Toshiba revises its products every six to nine months and keeps a particular model in production for that period. Adopting Toshiba as our laptop supplier would mean that we'd have to roll out approximately four new machines each year (two different levels of machines twice a year.) They reported that we didn't have a Toshiba in yet for evaluation but were awaiting the completion of order documents to get the machine.

Representatives from Dell Computers, Bill Sherman and another technical representative, made a presentation on Dell's laptop computer line and on the company itself.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

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