Draft Meeting Minutes

December 5, 1997 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Rich Anderson, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone, Craig Berry, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons, Robert Pierce, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Mike Hatch

Members absent: Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Bruce Pollak, Eric DuChemin

Guests present: Mike Wright, John Booth

The status of problems with several servers on campus running Netware 4.11 was discussed.  Four different servers with fast and wide drive controllers have had problems with staying up within the past week.  It was agreed that the various affected LAN managers would work together and communicate their attempted solutions to one another as the group works to resolve the problems.

Maurice reported that the draft Desktop Application Software Guidelines was awaiting action by the Information Resources Committee, and cautioned each support area to continue supporting WordPerfect 6.1 since the draft committed the campus to that course of action.

Chris Strauss reported that he had spent a week getting the Remedy server to mirror drives under Windows NT server software.  He has received the ArcServe backup software and is testing backup on all components of the Remedy system (SQL server, Exchange server, etc.)  He will import user records from mainframe data next:  a directory services group that Bill Buntain is heading up is looking at the data formats and contents of a campus-wide directory services solution that may help with the Remedy user database.  The Remedy implementation team has collected about 25% of the data needed from distributed areas to populate the schemas.  Finally, the paging software that will integrate into Remedy has been received.

Maurice and Mike Wright reported that the Request for Offer for the Laptop Purchase and Support Plan had been sent to four vendors, with a deadline of January 23rd for responses.  The members asked that Maurice make the RFO available on the Web, in a location that would not be easily accessible to the general public and Maurice agreed to do that.

Maurice reminded the group that Compaq would be attending the January 16th meeting of the DCSMT to make a presentation on their laptops, and that there would be a special meeting of the DCSMT on January 23rd in order for IBM and Toshiba to make presentations on their laptop products.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

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