Meeting Minutes

February 6, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone, Craig Berry, Paul Hons, Robert Pierce, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury

Members absent: Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Bruce Pollak, Eric DuChemin, Mike Hatch, Rich Anderson, Allen Bradley, Sandy Burke

Guests present: Mike Wright, Sharon Jenkins, Allen Livingston, Philip Baczewski, Richard Harris, Ty Young

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

The minutes of the January 16th meeting were approved with changes to the list of attendees and a minor change to the wording of Tim Christian's recommendation about virus protection software.

Chris Strauss, for the Call Tracking Subcommittee, reported that he loaded approximately 32,000 user records into the Remedy database, those records being the basis for user authentication and trouble tracking in the Remedy system.  He hoped to be working on the actual user interface to the system within the next three to four weeks.

Maurice reported that the revised draft of the desktop application software guidelines would be voted on at the next IRC meeting on February 17th.

Jim Curry passed out laptop computer order forms and the "cover page" to the form that outlined the trial basis of the laptop purchase and support plan.  He has three technicians signed up to take training from Dell Computing to become certified on servicing their laptop computers.  He reported that a problem with the BIOS on the Dell Latitude CP has arisen related to the Year 2000 issues, but that the problem was cosmetic only.  Also, there have been some problems with I/O port drivers on the machines under the Windows NT operating system.  Jim displayed the two models of the Dell laptop that will be sold through Micro Maintenance, and requested that distributed computing support area managers assist in "marketing" the machines since Micro Maintenance doesn't have a showroom.  He reported that he would be placing an initial order for the laptops on the following Monday or Tuesday and requested that each area inform him of their intention to purchase them by Tuesday noon.  The group requested that Maurice send a message to the Netman listserv announcing the availability of the machines for purchase.

Craig Berry read a statement from the General Access Lab Managers Committee regarding the issue of the relationship of the general access lab system to the DCSMT:  "GALMAC would like to recognize the efforts put forth by DCSMT. In response to the IRC's charge to examine the operation of the General Access Labs we ask that DCSMT return to IRC with the following: The General Access Lab Committee and the General Access Lab Managers Committee are aware of concerns raised with IRC. GALMAC is committed to examine current operations and strategic planning and will work with GALC to put forth, in the near future, recommendations to the IRC for any needed restructuring." Craig will contact Dr. Turner directly and ask him to add the issue to the IRC agenda when GALMAC and GALC have formulated a plan.

Maurice then passed out a "Y2K Compliance Unit Data Collection Form," explaining that various persons on campus had been assigned responsibility for Year 2000 compliance in specific departments on campus.  Maurice was made responsible for all academic departments, and he said that he'd be asking each distributed support manager in the colleges to assist in gathering the necessary data about compliance.  Bill Buntain will be responsible for the data communications hardware and software, the network operating systems, and for common desktop application software.

Jim Curry announced that he will be selling and supporting 19" and 21" monitors soon, plus will be selling Pentium II-based machines as well.  He will not be supporting the enhanced Jaz drives now, but may in the future.  The case that has been used for quite a while, with the AT form factor motherboard, will be replaced with one supporting the ATX motherboard.  Since the new cases are not backward compatible with the old one, Jim asked the support managers to let him know if they'll be purchasing upgrades to the old machines before the new models are delivered so he can stock a supply of the old motherboards.  There is no difference in the cost of the cases.  The new Pentium II processors, at 300 MHz, appear to run about 15% faster than 200 HMz Pentium Pro's on some math functions.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.

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