Meeting Minutes

February 20, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Mike Hatch, Jim Curry, Cyndie Harris, Sandy Burke, Eric Duchemin, Rich Anderson, Dallas Newell, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone,   Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury

Members absent: Abraham John, Bill Buntain, Bruce Pollak, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons

Guests present: Nancy Spaid

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

The minutes of the February 6th meeting were approved with changes to the list of attendees and a minor change to the wording of Tim Christian's recommendation about virus protection software.

Tim Christian reported that the Call Tracking subcommittee would be meeting on the following Tuesday.  Chris Strauss has completed loading user address records athe the subcommittee will take a sneak preview of the Remedy system at its meeting.  The Computing Center Help Desk will train next Friday on the system, and within a week after that Chris will try to establish call routing in DataComm.  The subcommittee still needs some group information from some areas around campus, and will be contacting those areas to obtain the necessary data.

Maurice reported that the Desktop Application Software Guidelines had been approved without much discussion at the last IRC meeting.  The question is now "How to get the word out?"  He did report that a comment was made at the IRC meeting that the Health Science Center had interpreted our current Novell site license as not including WordPerfect 6.1 and earlier, so the HSC was no longer installing those versions free of charge to its users.  Since the DCSMT members had never heard such an interpretation, the group asked Maurice to follow up on the question and find out what the facts were.

Rich Anderson brought up a question about our Microsoft Select agreement's terms for distributing Office 97 and Office 97 to faculty for use on their home machines without paying for an extra copy of the license. Maurice reported that it was his understanding from reading an early version of the Select agreement that we could distribute Office 97 on laptops and Office 95 on home machines without paying for an extra copy, but that we couldn't put Office 97 on home machines free of charge.  The DCSMT members requested that we try to settle the question once and for all, so Maurice said that he'd send the question to our legal department to get a final reading. 

Jim Curry reported that the price for the high-end laptop computer from Dell had dropped by about $600 plus the new configurations will have 64 MB of memory instead of 32MB.  He had sent out the first order for about 20 machines yesterday.   A faculty/staff/student purchase plan is now in place, under which those persons may purchase one of the two laptop models at UNT's negotiated price, but without support and maintenance from Jim Curry.  A link from the laptop order page on Microcomputer Maintenance's Web site points to the plan. 

The members discussed the Faculty Senate resolution on Distributed Computing Support and agreed that it would serve no purpose to respond to the resolution at this time.  Maurice noted that the Standards and Cooperation Group of the IRC would be addressing the issues brought up in the Senate resolution and would formulate a response from the IRC for discussion at the next meeting.

Mike Hatch expressed frustrations that he and many of his supported faculty members were having with "everyone" messages in Groupwise, and asked what we could do to prevent those unsolicited messages from being sent.  Maurice responded that this was a recurring issue on campus and that no good solution had been found yet, since some people want to get those messages while most persons didn't.   Some members raised questions about the capabilities of Groupwise 5.2 to provide alternative means by which to send and receive "everyone" messages, through a filter or group folder or some other means.  Maurice said that he'll ask Allen Bradley, Randy Galloway, and/or Jason Myre to attend the next DCSMT meeting to outline the technical capabilities of GW 5.2 that might help alleviate the problem.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

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