Meeting Minutes

March 6, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Mike Hatch, Jim Curry, Cyndie Harris, Sandy Burke, Eric Duchemin, Rich Anderson, Dallas Newell, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone,   Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Bill Buntain, Allen Bradley

Members absent: Abraham John,  Bruce Pollak, Paul Hons

Guests present: Mike Maner, Richard Harris, Nancy Spaid, Mark Wilcox, Randy Galloway, Rosemary Killam

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

The minutes of the February 20th meeting were approved with minor typing changes.

Tim Christian reported that the Call Tracking subcommittee had meet on February 24th and Chris Strauss had demonstrated the database, which gave very fast responses to queries on users.  A time line has been worked out that calls for the system to be fully functional for the Help Desk by March 2nd, Help Desk training to occur on March 6th, then after one month during which Chris' CECS class would be developing a good user interface, the other areas would come up.  The planned rollout dates have slipped, however, and now the plan is to have the system up and operational for all areas by the end of the Spring semester.

Maurice read a statement that had been drafted by the Standards and Cooperation Group of the IRC regarding the Faculty Senate resolution.  The basic thrust of the S&C Group statement is to stress the need for two-way communications between computer support personnel and computer users.

The group then discussed the issue of "everyone" messages in the Groupwise mail system.  Allen Bradley described some technical solutions to the problem that could be employed to filter messages out of individual mailboxes.  Tim Christian described a new system that he is developing to broadcast messages to desktops in his area.  Bill Buntain noted, however, that the everyone message problem is a policy issue, not a technical one.  Richard Harris stated that the Steering Committee has not been as concerned with the problem as one might expect, but that he'd bring it back up at the next meeting.  In the meantime, it was noted that Groupwise 5.2 doesn't give us any additional capabilities of filtering everyone messages on an individual basis.  Rosemary Killam requested that something be done to limit the size of attachments to everyone messages since those are particularly troublesome when dialing up to read e-mail.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

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