Meeting Minutes

April 17, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Jim Curry, Cyndie Harris, Kelly Wood, Ginger Boone, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Robert Pierce, Allen Bradley, Mike Hatch, Sandy Burke,  Paul Hons, Craig Berry, Dallas Newell

Members absent: Abraham John,  Bruce Pollock, Bill Buntain, Eric Duchemin, Rich Anderson

Guests present: Nancy Spaid, John Bradley, Daren Dugan, Rosemary Killam, Mike Maner, Chad Henderson, Blair Copeland

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

The minutes of the April 3 meeting were approved as written.

Tim Christian reported that the Remedy call tracking system implementation had picked up steam recently, with the user interface being nearly complete.  At this time, one can submit tickets and process them.  The goal is to have it up and running at the Help Desk by the end of the month.

Maurice reported that the Virus Protection and Metering software committee had just met and the consensus seems to be that the McAfee product seems to be the preferred one at the time.  We expect to receive a quote from CompUSA this afternoon or Monday on the McAfee and Norton packages.  Maurice will also be checking on the prices that DIR has for McAfee.  We're still testing Inoculan.  Craig Berry reported that the General Access Lab Management Committee is happy with F-Prot and sees no reason to change virus protection software packages.

Rosemary Killam stated that she is concerned about the relationship of students to the Groupwise e-mail system, since they generally aren't on Groupwise but use the Jove e-mail system instead.  She and other faculty members therefore can't find student names in the Groupwise directory and faculty can't receive messages sent by students to their Groupwise addresses.  She recommended that a list of distributed computing support personnel be published on UNT's Web site.

Maurice passed out the results of the evaluation of the Director of Academic Computing that was conducted last year, stating that it's hard to interpret the results since they don't include the number of respondents.

Blair Copeland made a presentation on the work he's doing with setting up DHCP servers for use on campus.  He has the servers operational and urged all network managers to re-configure desktop machines to use DHCP instead of hard-coded IP addresses.  If anyone has problems with the DHCP not working right, he/she should contact Blair immediately.  Several support personnel asked whether the network in their areas was configured to run DHCP, and Blair responded that in some cases it wasn't but that network managers should check his Web site ( to ascertain what network segments are configured for DHCP use.  His site does require a password that Blair will supply to anyone needing it.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30.

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