Meeting Minutes

May 1, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Jim Curry, Ginger Boone, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Robert Pierce, Allen Bradley, Mike Hatch, Sandy Burke, Craig Berry, Dallas Newell, Rich Anderson, Bill Buntain

Members absent: Abraham John,  Bruce Pollock, Eric Duchemin, Cyndie Harris, Kelly Wood, Paul Hons

Guests present: Nancy Spaid, Daren Dugan, Jason Myre, Richard Harris

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

The minutes of the April 17 meeting were approved with a correction to the spelling of Bruce Pollock's name.

Tim Christian reported that the Remedy call tracking system was to be brought up at the Help Desk on the following Monday: it's been working on some of the Help Desk machines since the past Monday. Sandy Burke said that the system was working great, with multiple search points and the ability to submit and close a ticket all at one view of the ticket.   One week after the Help Desk rollout, the implementation committee will meet and decide on which area(s) to bring the system up in next.

Maurice reported that the Virus Protection and Metering software committee had just met and will continue investigating the Inoculan product since it's free with our Managewise license.  McAfee's product is still the front runner, but it's adoption may mean that using departments will have to assume some portion of the added cost of McAfee over our current license for F-Prot.  The committee will meet again in two weeks and will be making a recommendation to the full DCSMT as soon as it can satisfy itself of the functionality of the various products under review.

Bill Buntain handed out a draft document that outlines various responsibilities for Year 2000 compliance testing among distributed computing units.  He gave a brief description of the process and the rationale for the assignments of responsibilities and said that the draft would be discussed again at the next DCSMT meeting.

Jason Myre distributed a document that recommends standards for Groupwise address book field data for persons' names, department names, and phone numbers.  After discussion, the DCSMT agreed to use the person's common name (i.e., "Tim Christian" instead of "Timothy John Christian,") and to insert the full ten-digit phone number of the person in the appropriate field, with the segments of the phone number separated by periods (e.g., "940.565.3854".) The group also agreed to use a standard name for a person's department, with each assigning department standardizing within their unit. 

Tim Christian remarked that the new Classroom Support Services department had made a tremendous improvement in the availability and support of classroom equipment and moved that DCSMT write a letter commending CSS for its work.  The group voted to do so, and Maurice said that he'd draft such a letter for the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30.

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