Meeting Minutes

June 19, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Eric Duchemin, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Craig Berry, Cyndie Harris, Rich Anderson, Kelly Wood

Members absent: Abraham John,  Bruce Pollock, Robert Pierce, Mike Hatch, Sandy Burke, Bill Buntain, Paul Hons Dallas Newell

Guests present:  Wil Clark

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. 

Maurice reported that the Virus Protection and Metering software committee had selected Network Associates' McAfee VirusScan package as the best one for the campus, but that there had been questions about whether the various distributed computing support areas would be willing to contribute a portion of the costs of the license for that package, especially in light of the fact that Inoculan was free and appeared to be adequate.   Maurice also said that Network Associates had offered UNT a discount if we purchased the license by the end of June.  He had proposed to the Computing Center managers that the CC pay for the full cost of the license since it had a history of paying for the F-Prot license and since virus protection was a campus-wide issue.  The Computing Center did agree to fund the two-year site license and the order was placed, with the license running from July 1998 through August 2000.

Maurice also reported that Wil Clark had had many conversations with the vendor of Softrack, attempting to negotiate a site license for the copies needed on campus.  He didn't have much luck, however, with getting a price that was competitive to the individual licenses that most network managers had obtained in the past.  Wil will continue his negotiations but it seems likely that a site license will not be worth the effort to obtain and may well end up costing us more than we're now paying.

Maurice passed out a draft of the Y2K compliance memo and lists that he planned to discuss with the deans at the Council of Deans meeting the following week. There were no objections to the draft.

Tim Christian noted that the Remedy rollout was proceeding well, with many support areas already trained and using the system.  He did comment, though, that help desk persons need to be conscientious about entering solutions to problems in the system since those solutions are intended to help other support personnel fix similar problems.

Maurice distributed a proposed new desktop computer configuration that Jim Curry had asked him to get feedback on at the meeting. Maurice asked the attendees to give their reactions to Jim.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30.

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