Meeting Minutes

July 17, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Chris Strauss, Paul Hons, Tim Christian, Maurice Leatherbury, Craig Berry, Cyndie Harris, Rich Anderson, Gary Matthews, Robert Pierce, Sandy Burke, Chad Henderson (for Ginger Boone), Dallas Newell, Mike Hatch, Curry Searle

Members absent: Abraham John, Bruce Pollock, Bill Buntain, Eric Duchemin, Kelly Wood, Jim Curry

Guests present:  Wil Clark

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM.

The minutes of the June 19, 1998 meeting were approved as written.

Tim Christian reported that more than 1,000 actual (i.e., not training or test) trouble tickets had been entered into the Remedy system as of the date of the meeting.  We have experienced problems with the lack of enough licenses to log into Remedy while training is being conducted, but Chris reported that Remedy had given us additional licenses for the training period and the initial training licenses had expired.   Chris expects to have the training licenses renewed soon.  Tim also reported that he had gotten DDE to work with Remedy and was able to export data into Excel and produce a graph of trouble tickets.

Maurice reported that the McAfee VirusScan product had been ordered and we were awaiting its delivery.  Wil Clark reported on his negotiations with Softrack for a campus-wide site license.  The best price he had been able to obtain from the company was $3.33/workstation, a higher price than the average we're paying now.  Part of the problem with the campus-wide license is that we have to pay for all desktop machines, whether they need software metering or not.  A discussion ensued regarding pooling actual Novell connection licenses across several colleges that need metering packages.   Mike Hatch and Paul Hons agreed to cooperate in getting a quote from Softrack to determine whether they can obtain a better deal than Wil's.

Maurice asked the attendees about their plans for rolling out Windows 98.  Mike Hatch said that one of his faculty members had discovered that each workstation user can set his/her own pivot date for Year 2000 date recognition so COBA was reluctant to adopt Win98.  However, that college will be moving to a new operating system next summer, probably either Win98 or Win NT 5.0.  Rich Anderson reported that the School of Community Service will not roll out Win98.  Paul Hons reported that the College of Education is looking at the new OS in order to solve the problem with partitioning the large (6 GB) hard drives that MMS is delivering now.  Currently, Win95 requires multiple partitions and results in a shortage of drive letters for network mapping.   In addition, COE is considering Win98 in order to provide support for forthcoming USB devices.

It was noted that Pat Evans in Network and Microcomputer Support is testing Win98 and can serve as a focal point for concerns about the new operating system. Robert Pierce reported that the Library has no interest in adopting Win98 in the near-term future but would wait until next summer to see whether its something they want to roll out.   Craig Berry said that the School of Visual Arts is not moving to Win98 unless some compelling reason to do so surfaces.

Paul Hons reported that testing desktop systems for Year 2000 compliance can be dangerous:  one of his users changed his system date, rebooted, launched Groupwise, and promptly had all of his messages expire and thus were deleted. 

Maurice inquired about the group's interest in pursuing a campus-wide maintenance agreement for Hewlett Packard printers.  The consensus of the group was that the printers haven't really been a problem and that there isn't enough interest in obtaining such an agreement to justify the effort that would be involved. 

A question arose about the current Ghost site license. Symantec has purchased that product but before that sale was announced we had received a quote of only about $350 to upgrade Ghost to the latest version. We need to have the new version in place by the Fall semester, and the question was "why haven't we gone ahead and purchased the upgrade?"  Maurice said that he'd check to see what the status of the upgrade is.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

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