Meeting Minutes

September 18, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Jim Curry, Tim Christian, Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Gary Matthews, Eric Duchemin, Ginger Boone, Maurice Leatherbury, Allen Bradley, Robert Pierce, Chris Strauss, Bill Buntain, Sandy Burke, Kelly Wood, Ramu Muthia

Members absent:  Abraham John, Paul Hons, Bruce Pollock, Cyndie Harris, Rich Anderson, Dallas Newell

Guests present:  Mike Wright, Andrew McGregor, Mike Maner, Jason Myre, John Walker, Pat Evans, Craig Terrell, Richard Harris

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the August 21st, 1998 meeting were approved as written.

Tim Christian reported on the Remedy licensing issues, particularly the sharing of costs for additional user licenses.  He got agreement from the larger support units to share in the cost of the additional floating and fixed licenses.   According to Tim, the willingness of the units to contribute to the system is an indication that the support units on campus can cooperate with each other and that they form a unified group on campus. Chris Strauss reported that some of the Remedy screens had been reformatted.  The addition of 128MB of memory to the Remedy server had significantly improved performance recently.

Maurice reported that the Ghost upgrade had been purchased and was now available on the software volume. The McAffee/Network Associates VirusScan product was also available and some units have already installed it.  He inquired about the status of installing VirusScan in the support areas and most reported that they'll be rolling it out this semester. Maurice also reported that he had discussed DCSMT's decision to adopt Windows 98 on new machines at the most recent Information Resouces Council meeting and the only concerns expressed there were whether users would have to be retrained to use the new OS. Bill Buntain noted that his area needed a longer lead time to check out the data communication issues inherent in adopting a new desktop operating system than was afforded by the recent decision to endorse Win98.

Mike Maner made a presentation on the current state of UNT's Internet backbone connections and what we're planning to enhance our connectivity to the "outside world." He reported in the short term, we will be adding four additional T1 lines to our existing two lines that are connected to the Internet backbone through the General Services Commission. GSC has undertaken a major redesign of TEXAN, the telecommunications network that the State mandates we use for our voice and data communications, and that new system is expected to come up some time within the next 15 to 18 months. Because of that statewide system redesign, we aren't planning any major redesign of our own Internet backbone connectivity because we might well have to undertake yet another redesign once the new TEXAN is available.

Jim Curry announced that the Microcomputer Maintenance Shop is getting out of the server sales and support business on campus.  He gave three reasons for the cessation of that service through MMS:  (1) technical changes in Intel's motherboard hardware would result in MMS incurring too high an expense for the unit to afford, (2) it is more efficient for a single unit on campus to support both network operating systems and network servers and MMS doesn't provide software support, and (3) Novell support for its NOS software is much easier to obtain when the server hardware is Novell-certified and from a major computer manufacturer. Jim said that MMS would continue supporting existing MMS-supplied servers for as long as it was practicable, for approximately two years if the current trends of server replacements continue.

Allen Bradley then announced that the Campus Wide Networks Team in Networking and Communications Services would be selling and supporting Compaq servers in addition to continuing its support for network operating systems on campus. He distributed an announcement of the new service and answered questions about what his unit would be supporting.

Jim Curry noted that Microcomputer Maintenance is having problems getting parts for new machines so deliveries of orders will be delayed until the shortages are alleviated.

Maurice reported that he had asked the deans to forward the completed Year 2000 inventory lists to him and asked the DCSMT members to assist with the completion of that project.

Mike Wright said that he was trying to deal with an Adobe Illustrator license problem and asked the network managers to get their orders in to him as soon as possible. Mike Hatch offered the opinion that the attempt to consolidate the Adobe licensing in one place seemed to have made the process worse, not better.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45AM.

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