Meeting Minutes

October 2, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons, Sandy Burke, Chris Strauss, Chris Cofer (for Tim Christian)

Members Absent: Jim Curry, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Eric Duchemin, Maurice Leatherbury, Robert Pierce, Bill Buntain, Kelly Wood, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock, Cyndie Harris, Rich Anderson, Dallas Newell

Guests Present: Mike Wright, Jason Myre, Richard Harris

Sandy Burke chaired the meeting in the absence of Maurice Leatherbury.

The meeting was called to order at 10:05am. The minutes of the September 18, 1998 meeting were approved with one correction.

Chris Strauss reported on the Remedy Implementation. He is working on AR Web and is almost ready to have the Implementation Committee preview the program for feedback.

Sandy Burke reported on Year 2000 software that checks PC data files. The one program we have on site is TF2000. After checking the results of the scan of the data files, it was lacking in specific information as to why a file was flagged. In some cases it appeared to be flagged because the year was part of a name, i.e. Access97. Handouts were given on information found in PC Magazine, and additional software will be tested in the future to see if it can better determine the exact location in a file there is a possible problem with the date codes.

Allen Bradley reported on the GroupWise message that went out to the GroupWise users about archiving as a means to save information past the 180 day limit. He did discuss the feedback received from the DCSMT group regarding the impact on the server if all end users start archiving on their Home directory. Jason Myre then discussed the FAQ for GroupWise 5.2 that has been updated and is now available on the web. He has added information about using Archive that is extremely useful. After a question about the need to continue looking into using LDAP systems for addresses, Allen Bradley said they will continue looking into a solution that would give GroupWise users the ability to see student Internet IDs for addressing purposes. Mike Hatch suggested we try to find a way to utilize the top level alias as the address.

There was no response when asked for old business, or new business, so the meeting adjourned at 11:00am. 

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