Meeting Minutes

October 16, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons, Sandy Burke, Chris Strauss, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Dallas Newell, Kelly Wood, Phil White (for Paul Hons), Rich Anderson, Bill Buntain, Cyndie Harris

Members Absent: Jim Curry, Eric Duchemin, Robert Pierce, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock

Guests Present: Mike Wright, Jason Myre, Richard Harris

The meeting was called to order at 10:05am. The minutes of the October 2, 1998 meeting were approved with one correction.

Tim Christian reported that he had developed a script on Remedy to list tickets by support unit that is available for use by other distributed support units. ARWeb is under development for UNT's environment but Chris Strauss is encountering a problem with Frontpage on the Web server because of incompatibilities with NDS for Windows NT installed on the central Web server. Allen Bradley explained the problems, which stem from the fact that the schema at the top level of the NDS tree was installed after the NDS for NT package and the changes to the top level weren't propagated down properly.

Mile Wright reported that the campus must cease using our current SAA gateway product because it isn't Year 2000 compliant. We're trying to move everyone to an IP client, but we have not secure access to the host machine through IP except by restricting access to UNT's domain (129.120.) Various alternatives to solving the problem were mentioned, including restricting access to selected subdomains on campus, granting access only to individual IP addresses, and obtaining a secure special-purpose client if such a client is available. Currently, the most feasible solution seems to be to restrict access by subdomain.  Mike Wright is going to search for a secure client and report back on the results of his search. The goal is to have the restrictions in place by December 1 of this year.  Network managers should send e-mails to Kevin Mullett with the addresses of the subdomains that should be granted IP access to the mainframe.

Maurice discussed revised information he and Mike Wright had received about the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Microsoft has refined the license terms, giving campuses greater leeway in the way they install the various software packages as well as providing more information about the types of faculty and staff who count towards the head count for licensing (excluding mailroom, cafeteria, maintenance, and groundskeeper workers.) He inquired about the various areas' interest in pursuing the Campus Agreement, and there was general agreement that the benefits of standardization, plus the greater ease of administration of the program, might justify changing to the the new agreement from our current Select agreement.  The areas wanted to get cost figures for their share of the agreement, however, should we decide to allocate the license across the various departments on campus.  Maurice said that he'd collect that data and report back to the group.

Sandy Burke reported that she had investigated the Platinum Year 2000 compliance checking product and found it to be very promising. She had been unable to obtain pricing on it, however, which raises concerns about its cost.

Bill Buntain reported that his staff had checked the various data communications equipment on campus for Year 2000 compliance and found no major problems. As we get down to individual desktop machines and the applications installed on them, however, the problem of identifying and correcting problems grows.

Mike Hatch inquired about any problems that other areas had encountered with the new Pentium II 400 MHz machines.  COBA has experienced about a 1/10th failure rate on the video cards that have to be corrected by resetting the CMOS clocks. Acer, the motherboard manufacturer, has been contacted but hasn't responded yet to our questions about problems.

It was reported that Windows 98 won't run the Arcserve client, although an upcoming version 6.6 client is supposed to correct the problem.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.

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