Meeting Minutes

November 6, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley, Paul Hons, Sandy Burke, Curry Searle, Chris Strauss, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Dallas Newell, Kelly Wood, Paul Hons, Rich Anderson, Bill Buntain, Cyndie Harris, Eric Duchemin

Members Absent: Jim Curry, Robert Pierce, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock

Guests Present: Mike Wright, Jason Myre, Richard Harris, John Bradley, Jon Walker, Craig Terrell

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am. The minutes of the October 16, 1998 meeting were approved with one correction.

Tim Christian reported that the Remedy implementation team was planning to meet to look at the ARWeb product, and to discuss the question of training scheduling (it's a problem because sometimes people don't attend when they're scheduled.) Some alternatives that have been mentioned are videotaping Chris' training sessions and conducting FERPA training independently of Remedy training and then letting support staff learn Remedy on the job.

Mike Wright reported that he had been asked at a previous DCSMT meeting to look for a secure 3270 client but he was unable to find such a package. We're therefore back to TCP3270 running PPTP.  He has met with Kevin Mullett to plan for securing access to the mainframe through IP subnet addressing, and they've got a target of implementing such a system on December 1. The Hummingbird product looks like it may work but it requires Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.01 in order to get its Java virtual machine.

Mike also reported that Hostprint will continue to be used and he will add new users to existing servers so those users can print from the mainframe. If problems occur in that process, users will have to contact Mike so he can manually reset the connection machine. IBM promises to fix their software early next year to solve the distributed printing problem.

Mike also noted that the deadline for getting Adobe purchases to him was November 13th because the Purchasing office hadn't released the purchase order yet.  Purchasing will expedite the posting to the bid board, however, so we can get our Adobe order out.

Maurice brought up the topic of the Microsoft Campus Agreement: he had distributed a cost allocation model at the previous meeting and asked whether anyone had any comments on the desirability of entering into the new agreement with Microsoft. A concern were expressed about "locking us in" to Microsoft operating systems and applications software since it would be very expensive to drop the Campus Agreement at the end of a contract period since we'd have to purchase all new software. However, it was pointed out that it's highly unlikely that we won't rely on Microsoft's products for the foreseeable future. The benefits of the new agreement were stated to be (1) easier adminstration of the contract since we won't have to report each copy separately, (2) reduction in software costs, and (3) increased standardization of software because of the ease of obtaining it.  The consensus of the attendees was that the Microsoft Campus Agreement made sense for us and we should continue to make an effort to enter into the new agreement.

Daren Dugan enumerated some of the problems that occur when network managers make changes to the Netware schema. He announced that the policy of not making top-level schema changes without checking with the campuswide networking support group needs to be enforced in order to protect the health and stability of the network campuswide.

John Bradley reported on his efforts to establish a site license for the SoftTrack metering package.  Interested managers are to respond to John with their needs within two weeks.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

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