Meeting Minutes

December 18, 1998 Meeting

Members present:  Kelly Wood, Craig Berry, Sandy Burke, Paul Hons, Mike Hatch, Chris Strauss, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Paul Hons, Jim Curry, Robert Pierce, Eric Duchemin, Mike Wright, Roy Zumwalt, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Cyndie Harris

Members Absent: Ginger Boone, Dallas Newell, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock, Rich Anderson

Guests Present:  Richard Harris, Darren Duggan, Jason Myre, Jon Walker, Wil Clark, Andrew McGregor

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am.

The minutes of the December 4th meeting were approved with one correction.

Tim Christian reported that the Web interface to Remedy was not working at the time but the problem was expected to be fixed soon. Chris reported that he had downloaded Version 4.0 of  Remedy and would be evaluating it.  The Computing Center has ordered the Palm Pilot interface for its internal use and would make licenses available to other support areas for a nominal fee.

Maurice reported that he had briefly presented the Microsoft Campus Agreement to Phil Diebel at a recent meeting and Mr. Diebel didn't object to the proposal to assess an additional technology fee of $.60-$.80 per credit hour. Our current Select agreement expires between April and August. Under the Campus Agreement, no periodic reporting will be necessary because divisions will be charged per head count. The Library might have to check out CD-ROMs for students and have them sign an agreement. Computer labs are automatically covered under the Campus Agreement at no additional charge.

Maurice and Bill Buntain reported on the status of our joining Internet 2:  the IRC voted at its last meeting to recommend that we join Internet 2 for $25,000.00. The Steering committee approved membership at its meeting on Wednesday. We will try to join as a system for the sake of Health Science Center. We are estimating that it will cost $1.6 million to upgrade the campus network to a gigabit backone and 100Mbps to the desktop: accomplishing the upgrade will require additional single-mode fiber and switching equipment. There is a possibility that the costs will be forthcoming from a bond issue that the Board will vote on at its February meeting. Any bond funds must be spent in two years. Dr. Mark Rorvig is working on a grant proposal for partial NSF funding of Internet 2 connectivity; the deadline for submitting the grant being January 31, 1999. When Maurice asked the attendees about any applications they were aware of that require high-performance networking, Craig Berry responded that his users frequently transmit files of 100MB or more in their work.

Allen Bradley and Jon Walker gave a report on UNT's plans to roll out Novell Netware 5. Networking and Communication Services is currently working to put Service Pack 6 on all servers to make them Y2K compliant and expects to complete that task by the end of January. They are also gathering information for NetWare 5 while IntraNetware Service Pack 6 is being deployed. They recommend that to prepare for NW 5 that SYS volumes  be at least 500MB and that DOS partitions be 500MB. Some NW 5 issues that were also discussed were:

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

NOTE:  thanks to Robert Pierce for sharing his meeting notes with me to produce these minutes.

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