Meeting Minutes

January 15, 1999 Meeting

Members present:  Ginger Boone, Craig Berry, Sandy Burke, Paul Hons, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Paul Hons, Jim Curry, Mike Wright, Cyndie Harris, Maurice Leatherbury

Members Absent: Dallas Newell, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock, Rich Anderson, Kelly Wood, Mike Hatch, Chris Strauss, Robert Pierce, Eric Duchemin, Roy Zumwalt Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain,

Guests Present:  Richard Harris, Jon Walker, Lee Haughton

The minutes of the December 18th meeting were approved with a correction.

Jon Walker explained some recent Novell patches that affect the functionality of Netware 4.11.

Tim Christian announced that the Remedy Web server had been down for maintenance but was expected to be back up soon. The version 4 release of Remedy had been received already and Chris Strauss was beginning the test of its functionality and how it will work with our schemas.

Maurice reported that he was still waiting for the for legal department to complete its review of the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Also, he has not yet heard from Student Development about students' reactions to participating in the Agreement through an increase in their fees.

Maurice reported that a membership application to join UCAID, the Internet 2 organization, was being prepared for Dr. Hurley's signature. He has been in communication with the University of Houston about the possibility of joining the gigapop that was established by UH, Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Rice. He also noted that Dr. Mark Rorvig from the School of Library and Information Sciences was writing a grant proposal to NSF to help pay for an Internet 2 connection: the deadline for the proposal is January 31.

Maurice noted that the SoftTrack package is in and can be found on CC2.

Jim Curry announced that MMS has discovered a problem with the new graphics card being shipped on MMS machines when using Netscape and Real 3D.  MMS will replace the cards for free upon request by the departments.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50.

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