Meeting Minutes

February 5, 1999 Meeting

Members present:  Dallas Newell, Craig Berry, Rich Anderson, Mike Hatch, Bruce Pollock, Bill Buntain, Eric Duchemin,Paul Hons, Chris Strauss, Robert Pierce, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Paul Hons, Jim Curry, Mike Wright, Kelly Wood, Cyndie Harris, Maurice Leatherbury, Wil Clark

Members Absent: Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Ginger Boone, Sandy Burke, Allen Bradley

Guests Present:  Richard Harris, Kevin Mullett, Mark Wilcox, Chris Coffer

The minutes of the January 15th, 1999 meeting were approved as written.

Tim Christian reported that he was working on a PERL tool for reporting on jobs in the Remedy system and will make it available to support areas upon request.  Chris Strauss has the version 4.0 software and is working to get it installed for testing. Mark Wilcox reported that a company in Dallas has a Java Remedy API. (CS) It is a browser replacement for ARWEB but isn't particularly functional.

Maurice reported that he had received the Microsoft Campus Agreement contract back from legal a couple of days ago. The attorney had no real issues, just some some minor additions about Y2K and ADA. Maurice had faxed the revisions to the Microsoft representative yesterday. Because we haven't had time to get student input regarding their participation in the Microsoft program, a vote on a fee increase won't be possible by Regents meeting this month so it will have to wait until Spring. Maurice said that he and Mike Wright were working on getting the agreement in place as soon as possible. Some of the concerns about the current Agreement are that it just says "Office" and we want to make sure that Office 2000 is included.  Maurice then said that our current Select agreement expires on April 30. The Computing Center has decided that it can cover the costs for the Campus Agreement this fiscal year, but there are no guarantees that it can do so next year. The pricing that departments may have to pick up next year is based on FTE "knowledge workers," which excludes postal workers, groundskeepers and some others. If departments have to pay next year the payment would come due in April, approximately $47.50 per FTE.. Maurice had passed out a spreadsheet several meetings ago showing cost allocations by division. According to the Campus Agreement, faculty and staff can take CD of the covered software home. Cyndie Harrris asked whether we will still have Select for things not on Campus Agreement. Mike Wright responded that there are three parts to the Select agreement and that server and other non-Campus agreement software could be covered under an Open License agreement which is more expensive (approximately $5-10 per unit) than the current Select agreement. He recommended that departments buy server components now if they have plans to acquire them in the next year. Mike Hatch asked when Office 2000 could be expected since the textbook deadline is looming and faculty need to know which version of Office they should plan on teaching. Maurice said that he certainly wouldn't predict the delivery date of a Microsoft product but that the latest information he had seen indicates a March or April release date.  However, we can install any version of the covered software under the Campus agreement. Tim Christian suggested that in order to distribute Campus software to home users , we put copies in the Library for checkout. Maurice then asked how many copies of the software we should purchase and the group agreed that one copy per 50 users of the Office product be acquired and  1 copy per 100 users of the other products be purchased.

Maurice then gave an Internet 2 status report. The application for membership has been completed but not signed, but no problems are perceived in getting it approved. The grant proposal for an NSF connection grant went out last Friday.

Bill Buntain reported that Vice President Phil Diebel was working on a bond proposal to fund an upgrade to the campus data communications infrostructure to 100Mbps to desktop and gigabit on backbone and for wiring the dorms. The is also being investigated as a source of funding. Bill has put together a very aggressive schedule for the upgrade. Currently, there is an issue with UNT's compliance with communications closet specifications. As of February, 1998 EIA/TIA wiring specs need to be followed. All closet construction is suspended at UNT for the time being until we resolve some questions about just what the requirements are. In addition, a lot of installations of wiring several years ago don't meet true Cat 5 specs.

Maurice reported that the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (TIF),  which is funded at $150 million a year from phone revenue, will soon release an RFP for 4-year institutions of higher education in Texas.  UNT may be eligible for up to $1 million of the $27 million available. The grants will be non-competitive but can be used for only limited purposes such as getting the Library connected to the Internet,  putting computers in the Library, building wiring (but no backbone connections,) distance education, and networking security. Only 50 computers per campus can be purchased under the grant.

The presentation on students in the NDS tree had to be delayed since Allen Bradley was out today. Bill Buntain reported, however, that a major step forward had been taken this week, with the run of the  first batch of extracts from the Mainframe of student data. Now we need to put the data into a SQL database.

Kevin Mullett then gave a presentation on the campus firewall project.  His Powerpoint presentation can be found on the Web at

On the issue of Year 2000 readiness, Maurice noted that Internal Audit had recently audited UNT's Y2K efforts and had reported that some network managers aren't clear on their responsibility for Y2K compliance. He asked which major support units on campus aren't represented on DCSMT and the response was that the BOL (budgeting office, etc.) and the housing networks should join DCSMT.  Maurice said that he'd invite the managers of those networks to join.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

NOTE:  Thanks again to Robert Pierce for supplying the notes of the meeting.

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