Meeting Minutes

March 5, 1999 Meeting

Members present: Dallas Newell, Rich Anderson, Mike Hatch, Craig Berry, Paul Hons, Chris Strauss, Robert Pierce, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Gary Matthews, Paul Hons, Cyndie Harris, Maurice Leatherbury, Wil Clark, Allen Bradley, Kirk Kelly, Ginger Boone

Members Absent: Roy Zumwalt, Kelly Wood, Mike Wright, Jim Curry, Ramu Muthia, Abraham John, Bruce Pollock, Eric Duchemin, Bill Buntain, Troy Bacon

Guests PresentCurry Searle, Nelda Evarts

The approval of the minutes of the February 19th, 1999 meeting was deferred until the next meeting because of the lateness in publishing them.

Chris Strauss reported for the Call Tracking Committee, said that he had completed the WebCT lessons for FERPA training, consisting of nine slides and a quiz. There is a new process for getting users up and running on Remedy and for assigning user ID's. He plans to use WebCT for Remedy training as well when he can get the courseware developed.

Maurice reported that he hoped to get the Campus Agreement purchase order posted on the state bid list shortly after the Spring break. He has been discussing possible changes to the agreement with Microsoft but hasn't received any "official" response from Microsoft about those changes.

Nelda Evarts, from Human Resources, outlined the procedures that her office follows in screening applicants for computer-related positions as well as some of the constraints that the University is under in hiring (such as assuring that similar positions on campus have equitable salary rates.) Various questions were raised about the classifications of computer support positions on campus: for example, why do we require a college degree for a Computer Support Specialist position and why do we only give credit for 1/2 time work when student employees apply for permanent positions?  Ms. Evarts responded that such requirements were set when the position descriptions were developed about six years ago and it may be time to revise them, with an attempt to base the job requirements on demonstrated skill sets rather than education or experience. A number of people volunteered to serve on a committee to recommend changes to the position descriptions of computing-related jobs, and Maurice will appoint the  subcommittee to work with Human Resources.

Maurice reported that UNT is now officially an Internet 2 member, having been accepted into membership in the University Consortium for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID.)

Maurice distributed copies of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund grant request for proposal and explained that the IRC would be developing an allocation formula for the $1.5M that we expected to receive from the grant. The grant is restricted to three primary purposes: (1) library connection and services, (2) data communications infrastructure, and (3) distance education equipment.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45am

NOTE:  Thanks to Curry Searle for supplying the notes of the meeting.

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