Meeting Minutes

May 21, 1999 Meeting

Members present: Rich Anderson, Craig Berry,Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Paul Hons, Kirk Kelly, Maurice Leatherbury, Robert Pierce, Chris Strauss, Kelly Wood, Mike Wright

Members Absent: Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Eric Duchemin, Cyndie Harris, Mike Hatch, Abraham John, Gary Matthews, Ramu Muthia, Roy Zumwalt

There were no minutes of the May 7 meeting yet.

Robert Pierce reported that the Call Tracking Committee had had an organizational meeting on April 27th, and that the minutes of that meeting could be found on the Web at

Wil Clark reported from the Student Computing subcommittee that he expected the committee to finalize its recommendations at it upcoming meeting the following week. The committee is looking at a uniform General Access Labs user interface. Regarding student computing, Maurice commented that security continues to be a concern, with a machine in one of the dorm labs having been used to send threats? Kirk Kelly noted that the threats went to an area TV station and that the Dallas police had gotten involved. The computer was given to the police as evidence. Maurice said that the incident points out the problems with anonymous logins and Allen Bradley said that the Students In the Tree project is the answer to that problem. Wil  asked whether it would be worth investigating a smart card technology for authenticated login and whether that might   minimize staffing in labs. Maurice opined that even with more secure logins, prosecution of offenders would probably not be possible. Robert Pierce said that the libraries are looking at a RF tag technology to insure that authenticated users are at machines, and Tim Christian asked him to please bring his findings to the DCSMT

Maurice reported that the Personnel committee had looked at testing as an initial filter of applicants instead of relying solely on experience. The consensus of the committee was that testing with CBTSystems would not work although the committee is still interested in exploring other testing alternatives. Any test must be validated and the Office of Equity and Diversity is being contacted to see what would have to be done to validate any test we chose. The committee had discussed CSS I through CSM IV positions and is tending toward recommending changing the educational requirement from bachelor's degrees to two years of college. The rationale for the change is that it would facilitate hiring students who have demonstrated job proficiency and would expand the applicant pool. At the next meeting of the committee (June 6) the members will look at student employees and comparable wages and quantity per area.

Maurice Leatherbury reported that the campus lawyers have the Microsoft Campus Agreement agreement but there had been no word from Microsoft about our amendments although Microsoft sales persons have indicated that there won't be a problem. HiEd was the winning vendor and has offered to also distribute software for home use like they do at UTD. The software would be sold in the bookstore. No decision about the home distribution option has been made and no firm price has been negotiated yet for that option, although $6 to $8 per CD has been mentioned (Office 2000 is on 2 CD's.)

Maurice reported that the computer security audit had been completed by Internal Audit, which had presented the results to the Computing Center the day before yesterday. The part of their findings affecting this group is the statement that although Richard Harris is designated as being responsible for security on campus, there "appears to be the lack of a clear directive for the Information Resource Manager to ensure an agnecy-wide security program and functionality beyond the Computing Center." We don't have a clear delineation between central and distributed areas in terms of security. Maurice noted, for example, that the Computing Center doesn't know what each distributed area's policies and practices were regarding periodic password changes. Tim Christian reported that CAS uses federal guidelines of 365 days for password changing. Maurice said that we just need a minimum standard and to make sure we know what our responsibilities are. The DCSMT should look at the security policy next time.

Maurice inquired about any plans the distributed areas had for installing MS Office 2000 & Office server extensions and what the ramifications of those would be on the campus network. Paul Hons replied that COE had a test server with the Office extensions up and running and that NDS for NT will be necessary to make that a manageable system. Maurice asked if any area was going to be installing Office 2000 this summer, and the consensus was that most areas would delay their rollout until training was available and the new software had been fully checked out. CBTSystems is supposed to have product training available in June.

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.

Thanks to Robert Pierce for taking notes at the meeting.

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