Meeting Minutes

June 18, 1999 Meeting

Members presentRich Anderson, Craig Berry, Allen Bradley,  Bill Buntain, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Cyndie Harris, Paul Hons, Kirk Kelly, Maurice Leatherbury, Gary Matthews, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright, Roy Zumwalt

Members absent: Troy Bacon, Ginger Boone, Eric Duchemin, Mike Hatch, Abraham John, Ramu Muthia, Kelly Wood

The minutes of the June 4, 1999 meeting was approved with no corrections.

Tim Christian reported for the Call Tracking subcommittee that they had seen a demonstration of Help Desk 4.0 and that the new version of Remedy looked very good. They will revising the list of categories that are used within Remedy to simplify them based on experience that has been gained in using the system. The new system will automatically search free text, and will require a change in our business model to match Remedy's way of doing things so we don't have to make so many changes to the Remedy code when new versions are released. The Web interface is real nice.   Maurice reported that we have ordered a development system license so that Chris doesn't have to continuously re-apply for test system licenses as he rolls out new versions of Remedy for our internal testing.

Wil Clark presented the Student Computing Subcommittee's recommendations, accommodating Tim Christian's suggestions. The issue of password synchronization between the Novell login and the Unix login was discussed, with some members expressing the desire to have a single login account name and password for all computing systems on campus.  The problem with implementing that goal is that storing the clear-text password in the Central Directory Dervices database opens up the system for potential cracking.  It was agreed that if some way could be found to have a Web form that triggers secure transactions in both Novell and Unix to change the passwords in those systems but not store the password in the CDS, then we should synchronize the ID and password on both systems. With that change, the recommendations were approved by DCSMT: they will be forwarded to the the IRC Standards & Cooperation Group for its action.

Maurice reported that the Personnel committee hadn't met but that the changes to the requirements for CSS and CSM positions had been approved by Human Resources and should appear in job announcements within a week or so.  The committee is working on gathering data for the Computing Support Quotient.

Maurice reported that we are still awaiting word from the Legal Office on the Microsoft Campus Agreement and he doesn't know when it will be finalized.

Because Richard Harris wasn't present to discuss the computer security audit and the roles of the Computing Center and distributed computing support units in security, the discussion of the audit's recommendations was postponed to a later meeting.

Allen Bradley reported on the findings of his investigation into costs of Microsoft technical support.  While not inexpensive, it is needed in cases where we can't find answers to technical questions on Microsoft's Web site. Allen stated that the Computing Center would pick up a contract for technical support from Microsoft in September, provide the support from his office, and would evaluate the usefulness of the support after we've gained some experience in using it.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30.

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