Meeting Minutes

August 6th, 1999 Meeting

Members present Allen Bradley, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Mike Hatch, Pam Hight, Paul Hons, Maurice Leatherbury, Ramu Muthia, Chris Strauss, Mike Wright, Kelly Wood

Members absent: Rich Anderson, Troy Bacon, Craig Berry, Bill Buntain, Ginger Boone, Jim Curry, Eric Duchemin, Cyndie Harris, Abraham John, Kirk Kelly, Gary Matthews, Roy Zumwalt,

Guests:  Richard Harris, Jon Walker

The meeting began with a presentation by XioTech on its network attached storage product.

Following that presentation, the minutes of the July 16, 1999 meeting was approved with   corrections.

Chris Strauss reported that the new Compaq server for Remedy had been installed and that he was in the process of installing the Remedy software on it.  His time frame for bringing the server on line is some time in October.

Wil Clark reported that the Student Computing committee had reexamined the question of file space for students and had formed an implementation committee to investigate the feasibility and desirability of providing centralized storage space for students. One potential and desirable goal would be to share Unix and Novell file space on a single device, with both file types being visible to the student from a both networking/operating system environments.  The presentations by the NAS/SAN vendors that are under way are part of the committee's work.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM.

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