Meeting Minutes

October 15, 1999 Meeting

Members present Ginger Boone, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Wil Clark, Jim Curry, Mike Hatch, Paul Hons, Kirk Kelly, Brenda Kirk, Maurice Leatherbury, Gary Matthews, Dallas Newell, Chris Strauss, Kelly Wood, Mike Wright

Members absent: Rich Anderson, Troy Bacon, Craig Berry, Allen Bradley, Bill Buntain, Eric Duchemin, Cyndie Harris, Pam Hight, Abraham John, Ramu Muthia, Bruce Pollak, Roy Zumwalt

Guests:  Daren Dugan, Rudy Moreno, Sandy Shelton

The minutes of the September 3rd, September 17th, and October 1, 1999 meetings were approved with minor corrections.

Maurice distributed a draft of the Computing Support Quotient report that he intended to distributed to the Information Resources Council at its next meeting, and several members questioned the usefulness of including the student support data in the report.  It was agreed that such information was not germane to the report and Maurice said that he would remove it from the final version.

Sandy Shelton (Director of Purchasing and Payment Services) made a brief presentation on the problems with ordering software on the Web and paying for it with a credit card, either a University-issued one or a personal one. She said that similar problems had been reported by the Library when purchasing books over the Web, and that she was willing to work to resolve it.  Sandy requested that network managers send her specific information about problems they had encountered when attempting such purchases. She also gave tips on other other purchasing processes, such as establishing temporary petty cash accounts to pay for small purchases. Karen Lloyd is the contact for small projects such as this.  Blanket orders for categories of purchases at specific stores in the area are also useful for small purchases: they can be modified with a correction form when the budget needs to be adjusted and provide an easier way to make small purchases without having to cut individual purchase orders for each item.

Paul Hons handed out a printout from Hewlett Packard's Web site describing the company's printer maintenance services. The College of Education has 30 networked printers and about 60 desktop printers, with various contracts for maintenance depending upon which COE department made the order. Paul has looked at HP's service options as one way to solve the problem of different expiration dates for maintenance and different sources of support. Mike Hatch in COBA also mentioned that his college has had problems with printer maintenance. The group discussed the possibility of standardizing on a few models of HP printers on campus to take advantage of volume purchasing and standard maintenance, but it was agreed that such standardization would not be feasible because of the diversity of needs. Sandy Shelton and Rudy Moreno offered to gather data from CEATS to determine how many HP printers there are, where they are, and will send Maurice the information. 

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

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