Meeting Minutes

December 17, 1999 Meeting

Members present Rich Anderson, Craig Berry, Bill Buntain, Sandy Burke, Tim Christian, Jim Curry, Mike Hatch, Pam Hight, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Kirk Kelly, Brenda Kirk, Maurice Leatherbury, Mike Maner, Gary Matthews, Bruce Pollak, Mike Wright

Members absent: Troy Bacon, Ginger Boone, Allen Bradley, Wil Clark, Eric Duchemin, Cyndie Harris, Paul Hons, Abraham John, Ramu Muthia, Dallas Newell, Chris Strauss, Roy Zumwalt

Guests:  Daren Dugan, Pat Evans, Richard Harris, Coy Hoggard

The minutes of the November 5th and November 19th meetings were approved as written.

Mike Hatch reported that the Desktop Standardization committee had sent out its survey, but all of the responses still hadn't been received, principally from various administrative areas. Mike will attempt to call non-responding members after the holidays to prod them to submit their filled-out surveys.

Wil Clark wasn't present to give a report of the Student Computing Committee, but a member reported that the Students in the Tree schema hadn't been populated with data yet, so no testing has been done of that project.

Maurice distributed a draft questionnaire asking for data on student employees and asked for comments on it.  Hearing none, he said that he would be sending it out the the network managers list soon.

Maurice reported that he and Kirk Kelly had met with representatives from Ladicom, a local company that sells and supports Kyocera and HP printers, to talk about our desire for a campus-wide service contract for HP printers.  Ladicom will be submitting a proposal after the holidays, as will Computerland of Wichita Falls.

Coy Hoggard briefed the attendees on the Computing Center's plans for the Y2K rollover on December 31st. He said that the Help Desk would be staffed on Saturday, January 1st and Sunday, January 2nd to act as a central communications point for Y2K-related issues.  Network managers can report the status of their systems to the Help Desk and they will post the status on a Web site.  In discussions about what the LAN managers would be doing to insure their systems were fully operational and compliant, it was agreed that Novell servers shouldn't be downed since that may cause more problems than it will prevent.

Mike Wright gave a report on pending IP-based host printing changes.  Hostprint may be removed from service, to be replaced by the new CA Spool service that prints to IP printers. Mike Hatch raised questions about the lack of security and authentication on printing to networked printers through this service, recounting his experience at Kansas State during which some student figured out how to get the IP addresses for all LAN-based printers and emptied all of their trays one night. For that reason, Mike Hatch wants to keep Hostprint. Mike Wright will inform the campus of the testing he'll be doing to make IP printing work.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

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