DCSMT Appointment Memo and Team Charge

Date: July 2, 1996

MEMORANDUM TO: Maurice Leatherbury

FROM: Blaine A. Brownell

SUBJECT: Distributed Computer Support Management Team

An Ad Hoc Committee on Distributed Computing Support has recommended to the Information Resource Council that a Distributed Computer Support Management Team (DCSMT) be established to improve the support of computing throughout the campus. I hereby appoint you as the Chair of the DCSMT and request that you proceed to develop the Team (in consultation with the appropriate vice presidents, deans, or directors) from managers of computing support units in the following areas:

Administration Building network

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business Administration

College of Education

College of Music (when that position is created and filled)

Computing Center Network and Management Services

Computing Center Support Services


Microcomputer Maintenance

School of Community Services/School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management

School of Library and Information Sciences

School of the Visual Arts

Vice President, Academic Affairs (e.g., Registrar's Office)

Vice President, Administrative Affairs

Vice President, Fiscal Affairs

Vice President, Student Services

In addition, you may appoint persons to ad hoc committees of the DCSMT as the tasks of those committees require specific expertise. Representative users of computing services may also be appointed to DCSMT standing and ad hoc committees to insure that users' views are represented.

As Chair of the DCSMT, you should also advise colleges, schools, and administrative departments in the hiring and evaluation of distributed computing support personnel to insure that such personnel have the requisite levels of technical expertise, are hired at consistent and equitable classification levels, and are evaluated on their contribution to a cooperative computing support environment on the UNT campus.

The primary functions and tasks of the DCSMT are:

  1. To coordinate the efforts of all central and distributed desktop computer support units on the UNT campus with the goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of computer usage. While the various existing support units will remain independent, the DCSMT is charged with identifying and implementing improvements to distributed computing services that are common to all units on campus.
  2. To take actions necessary to improve the University's distributed computing environment, to report those actions regularly to the Information Resource Council, and to seek the approval of the IRC for those actions that in the Team's opinion significantly affect users of computers on campus and thus require discussion and input from the IRC.
  3. To study and as appropriate, to implement the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee that are enumerated in its Final Report.

Blaine A. Brownell

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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