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Computing Resources for Students at UNT

The University of North Texas offers numerous computing services for students, many of which are provided by the Computing and Information Technology Center (CITC).

CITC Helpdesk

The CITC Information Technology  Helpdesk is located in the Information Sciences Building (ISB) room 119, directly across from the Science and Technology Library.

If you don't know where else to call, or when no one else can help you with your computer on campus, call or send mail to the Helpdesk: 940-565-2324

For “one-stop shopping,” take the Student Computing Services tour:


The My UNT portal allows you to: Register for classes; Pay your tuition and fees; See your financial aid; View your grades:

UNT Account Management

The Account Management System is where you can change or reset your password and configure your e-mail preferences.

EagleConnect and Personal Web Hosting

NOTE: Students are required by University policy to read their official UNT E-mail. You can forward your UNT E-mail to your commercial E-mail account.

Read your UNT E-mail by visiting:

With EagleConnect you get:  

  • Shared calendars and address books.

  • Chat capabilities.

  • Over 25 GB of online storage space for your documents; Over 10 GB of space for your email, and Much More!

To create your personal web page, visit the following site:

Wireless Networking at UNT

The wireless network at UNT is called Eaglenet. For further information see:

Network Access in Dorms 

All dorms are connected to the campus network via Ethernet. ResNet, the dorm network, is now managed by Apogee. Students may use a hub or switch and connect 2 computers (per login). Routers are specifically not allowed. There is additional bandwidth set for one gaming device (X-box, etc.) each. Wireless access is available in all areas of the dorms including dorm rooms. For more information, see:
The dorms also have small computer labs providing access to the University Network and the Internet. Admission to these labs is gained by residents swiping their ID cards.

General Access Computer Labs 

UNT’s 14 General Access Labs are open to anyone with a valid UNT ID card. There are labs throughout the main Denton campus, one at the Research Park, and one at the UNT Dallas Campus. The lab in the Information Science Library (ISB 110) has adaptive hardware and software for students with special needs. For more information, including lab hours, see:

Information Security and Virus Protection  

Learn about secure ways to protect your personal computer by visiting:
Download McAfee anti-virus products (free to any UNT student) from:

Special Student Pricing for Hardware and Software

Check the link below for computer hardware and software purchase opportunities for your personal use:

Learn more . . . 

Computer-based training as well as instructor-led short courses are offered to students, faculty and staff. Consult the link below for the latest training information:

Benchmarks Online is our monthly online newsletter. You can read it at:
ACS Research and Statistical Support provides training and consultation services for UNT researchers (faculty and graduate students):


UNT computer systems can only be used for activities related to academic work or student life. Sending E-mail to a friend is OK, for example, but advertising your business is not OK.  Learn the rules, by reading:

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