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Computing Services for Faculty

Computing has become an integral part of the university experience for everyone. Computing starts at your desktop, but can involve systems managed by your department or by the Computing and Information Technology Center (CITC), and may take you to sites around the world via the Internet. This webpage provides information on some of the central services which can support your teaching or research activities at UNT. Desktop computing support is provided by a College or Department-level IT support organization. To find your first point of contact for desktop computing issues, refer to the following page:

IT Help Center

The CITC provides central administrative computing services (registration, accounting, student records, etc.) and academic computing services (support of instruction and research, training in systems use, providing access to facilities, etc.). We have implemented an IT support request system that has items specifically designed for employees to request IT service. Some, such as the request for CITC RSS services, are specific to faculty needs. You can make a request by visiting the CITC IT Help Center:

CITC Helpdesk

The CITC Information Technology  Helpdesk is located in the Information Sciences Building (ISB) room 119, directly across from the Science and Technology Library.

The Helpdesk staff provides support to all faculty, staff, and students at UNT who have any questions and/or problems of any sort concerning computing at UNT. They have primary responsibility for supporting general purpose computing services provided directly by CITC and also provide a link to distributed computer support areas in the various colleges, departments and administrative units. The distributed centers are separately responsible for desktop computing support and services specific to their own areas.

Visit the Helpdesk website to:

  • Report an Issue / Request Assistance
  • Search for Answers
  • Helpdesk FAQs
  • Check for System Outages

If you don't know where else to call, or when no one else can help you with your computer on campus, contact the Helpdesk:


For a look at services that are available for students, you can take the Student Computing Services tour:

What's my EUID?

One of the most common questions fielded by the CITC Helpdesk is "What's my EUID?" EUID stands for "Enterprise UserID" and has been created to simplify access to computer resources across campus. This EUID is created as soon as your fees are paid (if you are student) or as soon as your forms are processed by Human Resources (if you are a faculty or staff member). IF you are not sure what your EUID is, you can find out at the "Account Management System" website:

You can also check your password status here as well as change your password. You can also configure your preferred e-mail address here.

Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS)

ACUS Research and Statistical Support provides support services on data acquisition and statistical analysis for faculty members and students at UNT. The data acquisition service includes access to data from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), Standard & Poorís COMPUSTAT II, other data resources, and downloadable data for political and social research. Other services include consultation, application support, and instruction:


Classroom Desktop Services -- ACUS provides desktop computer management for four computer classrooms located at the UNT Discovery Park, including one classroom set up in a configuration to support collaborative work by students. More information about classroom desktop services is available at:


High-Performance Computing Services -- ACUS High-Performance Computing provides a number of cluster systems which are designed for compute-intensive scientific research. ACUS also supports several other centrally-administered computer systems which are available for research and instruction:


Research and Visualization Environment (RAVE) -- Academic Computing and User Services operates a Research and Visualization Environment (RAVE) at the UNT Discovery Park to support research data visualization and display. The facility features multiple high-powered workstations, each having 8 processor cores and 24 GB of RAM. The flagship visualization tool is a 40-core Linux display cluster, powering a 4 X 3 array of 30Ėinch LCD monitors for large-scale display of data:


FREE ACUS Short Courses are offered every semester. Information about currently offered courses and other training opportunities, including Computer-based training, can be found here:


Data Management is responsible for research data entry and automated scanning services for test scoring and course evaluations.

E-mail, Bulk Mail, Web Publishing and Blackboard Vista


Your employing department or college provides you with access to Microsoft Outlook, the E-mail system supported for official University business. Educational resources for Outlook and MS Entourage (for Macintosh Users), can be found here:


Microsoft E-Learning courses are also available for faculty and staff via our UNT-Microsoft Campus Agreement. Please contact Claudia Lynch at for instructions on accessing this training.

BulkMail is the automated system which allows authorized University faculty and administrators to send targeted messages to all or selected UNT students. BulkMail provides faculty the ability to:


         send E-mail to their entire class or several classes by making a simple selection via a web-based interface;

        see a list of their class members and send individual mail messages by clicking on the student's name in the list.


For more information about BulkMail, see the BulkMail Information Page: 

University Web page publishing services are provided by Central Web Support (CWS). CWS can provide Web space to post class notes and syllabi. For more information on Web services, see:

The CITC Distributed Learning Support  group along with the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR -- was Center for Distributed Learning) provides support for the Blackboard Vista online course management system. Faculty who need assistance with Blackboard Vista should contact the CLEAR:

Phone: 940-369-7394
In person: Chilton 112C

To learn more about Blackboard Vista and UNT's distance learning initiatives, visit(Check for popup blockers  first):  and


The UNT Copyright Resources website provides the UNT community with information about copyright law and resources to help people make good decisions when utilizing copyrighted material:

The Enterprise Information System (EIS) portal

Visit the EIS portal,, to do a variety of things related to your employment at UNT. Once you have logged-in with your EUID, you can do things like view your paycheck, check your benefits, sign-up for training with human resources and more. You can also verify or update your contact information to make sure you receive Eagle Alert messages:

Classroom Support Services


Classroom Support Services (CSS), a division of CITC, is funded by the student Technology Use Fee to provide and maintain the audio-visual equipment in UNTís general-purpose (type "110") classrooms on the Denton campus. For more information, see:

Staying Connected at UNT


The Data Communications Group provides data and video services for the students, faculty and staff of the University. For further information see:


The wireless network at UNT is called Eaglenet. For further information see:


Telephone services:

Information Security and Virus Protection


Learn about secure ways to protect your computer by visiting:


Download McAfee anti-virus products (FREE to UNT faculty, staff and students) from:


You can also purchase McAfee VirusScan from the UNT Bookstore, located in the Student Union Building, for $3.00:


Additionally, the bookstore offers a variety of software from many companies at significant educational discounts. Dell and Apple computers are sold in the bookstore as well as a variety of peripheral devices, cables, and accessories.

General Access Computer Labs

UNTís 14 General Access Labs are open to anyone with a valid UNT ID card. There are labs throughout the main Denton campus, two at the Discovery Park, and one at the UNT Dallas Campus. The lab in the Information Science Library (ISB 104) has adaptive hardware and software for students with special needs. These labs are student-fee funded, but are open to faculty on an as-available basis. For more information, including lab hours, see:

Learn more . . . 

If you need to find your distributed support manager (desktop, local network and Microsoft Outlook support) -- and more -- see:


 Benchmarks Online is our monthly online newsletter. You can read it at: 


Get RSS feeds to help you stay informed. Whenever you see this symbol RSS button, you have a chance to stay up-to-date by "subscribing" to an "alert for new information" that can be sent to your e-mail account. One of the places you are encouraged to subscribe to RSS feeds is inHouse. Go to the link below for a tutorial in setting up an RSS feed in Outlook 2007 specifically for inHouse : 

Many websites provide updates via Facebook Facebook Button and Twitter Twitter Button also.



UNT computer systems can only be used for activities related to academic work or student life. Sending E-mail to a friend is OK, for example, but advertising your business is not OK.  Learn the rules, by reading:


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