New campaign puts information and resources for success at students' fingertips

Succeed at UNT

At UNT, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed -- not only in the classroom while you are a UNT student, but in your careers and your life after you graduate.

To help you on your journey, UNT launched a new Succeed at UNT campaign this fall to give you easy access to the resources you need to be successful while you are here and to teach you valuable skills.

The concept is simple. Follow these six tips and add your own dedication and hard work to define your future. In doing so, you will start your school year on the right track and have a much higher chance of achieving academic success -- and an overall better college experience.

The six tips are:

Getting started on the path to success

Elizabeth With, vice president for Student Affairs, says the Succeed at UNT campaign will help students understand exactly what it takes to be successful at UNT and why it's important.

"Instead of success being a generic, difficult, intangible goal, this campaign helps break it down into easy steps that help each student navigate his or her own experience," With says.

Success starts with you
Lauren Frock

Lauren Frock

Every student starting college has an adjustment to make. You are not alone. The great news is that so many UNT students have been where you are now and are great resources for support.

UNT senior Lauren Frock knows the importance of showing up and getting involved. She recommends getting to know your professors right away and staying in touch with them throughout each semester. She says professors notice students who regularly attend classes, work hard and are determined, and professors are willing to help them be successful in the classroom.

"So many professors invest in their students. No one can help you if you're not willing to help yourself," Frock says.

Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Jones

UNT junior Lawrence Jones found that in addition to showing up, being persistent helped him be successful at UNT.

"It gives you an opportunity to take pride in your experience at UNT," Jones says. "I never give up, and I am always networking with people across the campus."

Committed faculty and staff

Yolanda Flores Niemann, senior vice provost and professor of psychology, says UNT faculty are committed to providing individualized support to motivate students and help keep them interested in their studies.

"Starting this semester, we're implementing mandatory advising for students enrolled in college for the first time," Flores Niemann says. "We also are examining all of our student success resources to determine how to even better help maximize student success."

Connections are key

Helping students make connections and get involved with others plays an important role in their ability to find support.

"We know that the more connected a student is, the more that student feels UNT is their home, and the more likely they are to persist and graduate," With says. "These connections come in many different forms and can be a direct link to a faculty member, member of an organization, a learning community in the residence hall, a group of friends in the residence hall or in a particular class, or a staff or faculty mentor."

UNT has many resources to help you adjust to college life and plenty of people who want you to succeed.

"Many students face all kinds of challenges, from financial issues to personal issues to health-related issues," With says.

And UNT provides a variety of support services to assist students who face many kinds of problems through resources such as the Student Money Management Center, Counseling and Testing, and Student Health and Wellness Center.

Learn more about how you can succeed at UNT and find specific resources.

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