Students can take unique classes, catch up on classwork and graduate on time or early.

Students' needs are our priority at UNT. We know that life is complicated and that it's sometimes hard to get everything done. But our summer classes – offered during six summer sessions over the course of four months – can give you the flexibility needed to help you graduate on time – or even early.

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Our Summer Session website walks you through the summer enrollment process step by step, with information about registration dates, links to more information and a video about the things summer classes can help you accomplish.

Get ahead this summer

Summer sessions are a good investment, because they save you time and money, says David McEntire, director of UNT Summer Sessions. Classes are offered in lengths ranging from three weeks to three months. Students can sign up for summer classes at the same time they sign up for fall classes.

He says many students use summer sessions as a way to lighten their loads for the fall and spring semesters and to get ahead on class work so that they can graduate more quickly.

"The biggest benefit of taking summer classes at UNT is graduating earlier," McEntire says. "Graduating earlier can actually save you money and help you start your career sooner. So, if you go to school over the summer you can cut down the cost of your education."

Summer classes offer students flexibility

UNT student Delletia DeFlora studying outside.

Sophomore Delletia DeFlora, who is studying converged broadcast media, says taking classes this summer gives her the opportunity to take the classes she wants in the fall.

"I am taking summer classes to get further ahead in my degree plan," she says. "I am eager to have a semester full of broadcasting and marketing classes, so this upcoming summer provides a way for me to finish up the last of my basics and get the perfect schedule for the fall semester."

Tucker Smith, a strategic communication senior, said he plans to take summer classes to allow more time in his last semester to search for a job.

"I'm doing a summer class to lighten my course load next semester," Smith says. "I'll be taking my final advertising course, and I want to be able to dedicate all of my time to that and trying to find a job after graduation."

Senior political science major Mary Brown, says that retaking a class over the summer was a good decision.

"I retook Japanese 1010 over the summer to improve my grade, and it ended up being a breeze when I retook it," she says. "Retaking classes to improve your grade is something that students don't normally think about, but if you are going to be here over the summer, it's a good time to catch up or even get ahead."

Classes are unique

This summer's schedule includes new classes that fulfill UNT core requirements, including an introduction to biology course, an online introduction to international relations class and a post-Civil War U.S. history class.

McEntire says summer courses offer a personal experience with professors.

"Generally summer classes are smaller than spring or fall classes, so if you take summer courses you get more individual assistance in the classroom." McEntire says.

Professor George Yancey is teaching a Qualitative Methods class this summer that will offer students an alternative to the traditional instructional format.

"Unlike the Qualitative classes during the year, this class will be online except for the two exams," Yancey said. "The summer class is set up to be more flexible."

Change of pace

UNT students on campus.

Other than the academic benefits, DeFlora says she is looking forward to experiencing a different side of Denton.

"I am extremely excited to be in Denton for the summer," DeFlora says. "It opens the door of opportunity to explore Denton and everything that the town offers – food, local shopping, music and festivals – which I rarely have time for during the fall or spring semesters."

McEntire agrees. Summer offers a chance to enjoy life around campus – while still getting ahead with your academic goals. Adding that because of the unique academic and social atmosphere, UNT has many academic and extracurricular activities going on around campus.

"Summer is a fun time," he says. "You can go to a class and then sit by a pool and read your textbook."

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