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Ganges River, India

It has been said that no other river on earth commands the respect River Ganges has; Hindus not only physically bathe in it, but  immerse themselves in its holy water to wash away sins and perform solemn cremations on its banks.

Rio Grande River, Texas

The Rio Grande is known as the Rio Bravo in Mexico; this river serves equally as a family gathering place, a visible symbol of the ties between two cultures, and a hotly contested and dangerous international border.

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HD technology

While CILECT was happy with the film's subject, its main interest in the project was as a testing ground for advanced technology high definition Panasonic cameras, equipment and Avid post production software and file sharing technologies.

As part of the funding agreement, the producers and crew created an in-depth report about how the cameras and equipment behaved during "torture tests" while filming in the field and during the production and editing process. And, thanks to Levin's involvement in the project, UNT's RTVF program was able to take advantage of a deep discount and is now fully equipped with high definition cameras and equipment.