UNT Distributed IT Support Groups

Updated - 04/15/2014

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Support Group Code Support Contact Phone Location
Administrative Network Services ABN AITS Admin Support 940.369.8183  
Chris Stoermer 940.565.4604
Troy Bacon 940.565.2027
James Martin 940.369.8357
Facilities and Construction, Risk Management, Facilities-System ASN Facilities Helpdesk 940.369.8756 PPBS 125
Ginger Boone 940.565.4480 PPBS 120
Jason McMullen 940.891.6898 PPBS 125
Alan Garrison 940.369.7594 PPBS 125
Athletics   Mathew Fenton 940.369.5088  
Jason McMullen 940.891.6898
Arts and Sciences, College of CAS Information Technology Services 940.565.4498 GAB 313
University Services . BOL Controller BOL Troy Bacon 940.565.2027  
Business, College of CoB COB Helpdesk
940.565.4891 BLB 240
Daniel Duncan
Joey Macareag
Shawn Weems
Shelly Beattie
Brian Kucharski
Business Services, Housing and Resnet HSL Jason McMullen 940.891.6898  
Abraham John 940.565.4790
Chris Johnson 940.369.8230
Matthew Fenton 940.891.6899
Jonathan Piott 940.369.7940
Classroom Desktop Services CDS Curry Searle 940.565.2397 DP B188
Ronald "Reese" Gallagher
940.369.6051 Sage 154
Amber Evetts
Classroom Support Services CSS Ashley Olsberg 940 565.2159 Chilton 243
Division of Student Affairs DSD Abraham John 940.565.4790  
Bruce Berg 940.369.7384
HWC Chris Stoermer 940.565.4604
Education, College of COE COE Tech
940.565.4110 MATT 208
Paul Hons
James Kubicek
Brenda Yu
Charlie Andrews
Engineering, College of ENG ENG Support 940.369.7250  
Jim Byford 940.891.6866
Payton Climer 940.369.5305
Randy Burrow 940.369.8490
Sean Flowers (GAL Manager) 940.891.6949
Matt Kernan (Computer Science) 940.565.2642
Information, College of COI COI Helpdesk 940.369.8988 DP B203
Gary Mathews
Alan Livingston
Vincent Santa Maria
Campus Technology Support Services CTSS Brenda Kirk 940.565.4780  
Luis Sanchez 940.369.5063
Samer Fadda 940.565.4078
Howard Calderon
Olaf Meyer
Mitch Curran
Journalism, Mayborn School of CAS Information Technology Services 940.565.4498 GAB 313
Libraries LIB LIB Support 940.565.3024 LIB 236
Scott Jackson
John Luetkemeyer
Nicole Morgan
Judy Hunter
Garret Rumohr
Frank Gosnell
Jeremy Jones
Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism, College of CMHT Kris Selby 940.565.4454 Chilton 255
Vasilis Angelogiannos
Microcomputer Maintenance Shop MMS MMS Helpdesk 940.565.2387 Chilton 243
Deke Isaac 940.369.8697
Music, College of MUSIC Music Helpdesk 940.565.3766  
Ben Bigby 940.565.3775
Scott Krejci 940.565.4788
Public Affairs and Community Service, College of PACS Staff Technical Support 940.565.4454 Chilton 255
Kris Selby
Vasilis Angelogiannos
Police Department PDL PDLITSUPPORT@ad.unt.edu    
Brad Varcoe 940.565.4236
Jason Zorola 940.891.6740
Michael Wilhelmi 940.565.4989
Texas Acadamy of Math and Science TAMS Roy Zumwalt 940.565.2498 McConnell Hall A140B
Julian Quintero 940.565.4416 McConnell Hall A140B
Union Services USL Abraham John 940.565.4790  
University IT Helpdesk UIT UIT Helpdesk 940.565.2324 Sage 130
Visual Arts and Design, College of CVAD CVAD Support 940.565.4522 Art 228
Michael Baggett
Craig Berry
Kacey Close
Ursula Williams 940.565.4018
Health Science Center Ft Worth UNTHSC UNTHSC Support 817.735.2192  
Anthony Tissera 817.735.0453
Dallas Campus UNTSCD UNTSCD Helpdesk 972.338.1448  
Robert Wellman 972.338.1452
University System ITSS System Helpdesk 940.565.4078  
University Centers at Dallas UCD Jordon Minter 214.915.1907