Study Abroad

Do you want to broaden your personal and educational perspectives? Are you interested in traveling? Do you want to experience a foreign culture first hand?

The University of North Texas’ Study Abroad programs allow you to enjoy life-changing and rewarding experiences while pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Programs are available for almost every major and academic term. Some opportunities can extend for up to one year. You decide what kind of program meets your unique needs and interests.

Reasons for enrolling in a Study Abroad program include a desire to:

  • experience a different culture while gaining a better understanding and a new appreciation of that culture
  • become fluent in a foreign language
  • learn from professors who can provide wider perspectives on a subject area
  • see historical monuments and famous art first hand
  • expand your employment possibilities
  • discover a passion for travel
  • gain a competitive edge for graduate school
  • dispel stereotypes as you interact with people who may not think or communicate like you

International experience is a critical and impressive part of any résumé and helps set you apart from the competition. Multilingual and multicultural experiences and skills can enhance your ability to handle challenging situations.

What we offer

The Study Abroad Office oversees hundreds of programs in dozens of countries around the world. Some of our more popular destinations are:

  • Chile
  • France
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Japan

Our programs are divided into three categories:

Faculty-led programs

You are accompanied by a UNT faculty member who teaches a course abroad. The programs usually range from three to 10 weeks during the summer or winter semesters. Because these programs are often associated with a particular course, you can earn from 3 to 6 credit hours toward your degree.

Exchange programs

These programs allow you to attend a host university for a semester or a year for about the same amount as attending UNT. These programs provide more cultural immersion since you are enrolled in the host university’s courses as a regular student.

Affiliated programs

Students take courses from the university or institute associated with a particular program. All approved affiliated programs are found on the Study Abroad website.

Paying for Study Abroad

Studying abroad is affordable, and financial aid often can help cover the cost. In addition to using federal financial aid, the Study Abroad Office awards numerous International Education Fee Scholarships and Global Learning and Experience Airfare Grants. IEFS awards are available for any semester or summer study abroad program. The grants cover a portion of the travel expenses. Each is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for either program, visit the UNT-International site.

How to apply

If you are considering studying abroad, we recommend contacting one of our study abroad advisors in advance of enrolling at UNT. Early planning can help you determine the best opportunity for studying abroad.

We also work with your academic advisor to choose a study abroad program that best fits into your degree program. This ensures a smooth transfer of credits once you have finished studying abroad.

Many programs do not require proficiency in another language. However, if you plan to study in a language other than English, we offer programs where you can study another language at any level.

Who to contact

For more information, you can visit the Study Abroad Office in Sage Hall, room 236; access our website; call 940-565-2207 or email us. We also host a Study Abroad Fair during the school year.